Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am in LOVE....

With my laundry room! Say what?....lol The last room in the house that needed to be re-done after buying our home 20 years ago is almost finished. And I have the paint splatters on my shirt to prove it! Hubby did a great job and I have new walls, trim, counter tops and a washer and dryer that had to be designed by NASA! I was always one of those folks who just didn't need too many bells and whistles. Well, let me tell you, in the area of doing the laundry ever day, year after year after year; a couple of bells and whole bunch of whistles can make one's life so much easier. Who knew? I swear my clothes are happier. And they look younger too (not as many wrinkles....lol). I am steadily painting the old cupboards a lovely turquoise and with the original chrome hardware, they look stunning. My new sink has been installed, with spigots and everything and I am so unconditioned to having running water down there, I took a paint rag all the way upstairs to the kitchen to wet it, before I realized I didn't have to. 4 times! Coming up this month will be some decorative painting (I am thinking, conjoined open circles in lime and brown and turquoise), a retro pattern skirt for the sink and the (pronounce in French please, I have not figured out how to add accent marks) piece de resistance, shelves which will hold my collection of 50's stuff. So Cool. Or I should say, Like crazy, like wow!


E. Charlotte said...

You are so witty and clever! Delightful story of your lovely laundry room. I must admit I adore your new washer and dryer too. Soooo futuristic! I can't wait to see the cupboards and everything. It will look devine. That poor room has been waiting FOREVER to be done! The house is now complete! :)

FlowerLady said...

Pictures Pretty Please! I know from past experience of your projects, that this room will be lovely, colorful, whimsical and I look forward to seeing it.