Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"It Started in Scranton, it's now number one, the Pennsylvania Polka!"

From where I am sitting, I can see that it is snowing. A lot harder now and it is starting to collect on the top of my swing. There are a few rose hips that look like they are wearing little pixie hats too. So pretty, and just the kind of weather I wanted for today. What I call a "cozy day". Unlike a lot of folks in Northern states, I love the Winter and relish the snowy cold days. True I will start yearning for some sun and warmer temps come the end of March, but for now I am glad Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. That will give me more time to read more books, work on my cross-stitch project and sip a million more cups of tea. This weather makes me feel like a settler on a homestead. I hunker down and find ways to entertain myself. I find time slows down and I just relax and go with the flow. Again true, I don't have to go out and feed the hogs, or worry about enough wood for the fire, or hang a line to the barn (so I do not get lost on the prairie) so I can enjoy my Winter a bit more than my ancestors. But like my ancestors, there is a definite nesting instinct when the Winter closes in and I find it is when I am the happiest.

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Zuzu said...

All I could think of while cutting wood for the '09-'10 winter season last fall, was 7 (seven!) lovely months of winter, to rest and dream and work on fun projects! :)
I'm delighted to meet you, Kit, and am a new 'Follower' here.
Have a wonderful day,