Monday, January 18, 2010

Today I really feel like a Housewife!

Remember back when, the Carol Burnett show and her famous character the Charwoman? Well, that is just what I feel like today. I am spending my day off (MLK day) doing an early Spring Cleaning. The temp has risen to almost 40 degrees outside and my brain thinks it is time to clean the nest. I have vacuumed the whole house (do you know my machine can suck up whole packing peanuts?) got out the bucket and mop and did the basement floor and laundry room. Laid a new coat of paint inside my new cupboards and washed my rugs. The windows are all open and it smells fabulous in here, in spite of the Latex paint and Lysol scents....LOL On to the kitchen dishes and the bath and I am done. Yeah! A reward is definitely in order. Let's see, maybe a scoop of Black Cherry ice cream on a cone!


FlowerLady said...

You were one industrious lady today, on a holiday no less.

We have windows open here too as it was a perfectly gorgeous day today.

Have a nice evening ~ FlowerLady

E. Charlotte said...

You were busy! Sounds like you did more yesterday than I did! It sure was warm out though. Feels more and more like Spring. Go figure!