Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunshine! But snow coming?

I hope so! I would love to see the land covered in clean white. All our ice patches are getting a bit grubby and I keep tracking in mud all over my clean floors. Argh! Had a great day at work. Finally got my display case done. Had to hang a bunch of blue glittery snowflakes on white thread and by the time I was done, I think most of the glitter was on
I just SPARKLE today! I will try and remember to take a pict of it tomorrow to post. Now the cafeteria is all dressed in snowflakes and icy blue tablecovers. Looks pretty. And we have a new batch of kids starting on Tuesday, so I hope they like.

This is a bittersweet time of the year, we have about 25 kids who are graduating. Sad day tomorrow at the assembly for sure. I am soooo proud of them and happy to see them finish and get their diplomas, but I am already tearing up, just thinking of saying Goodbye. I get so attached and it is such a thrill to watch them go from an uncertain, scared teenager to a confident young adult.

Well, I am off to put another coat of paint on the inside of my cupboards. And I need to get the fixins' out to make up a meat loaf for dinner.

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