Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny and Cold

What a gorgeous day! The sun is shining off Stuart Peak to the North of me and if I stand on the back step, pressed up against the door and face the sun, it actually feels warm....LOL Tho it is a measly 27 degrees. But I'm not complaining, it is an improvement from the -2 from the other night. Had a wonderful Saturday. Just hung out at home, created a big pot of Bean Soup, and baked brownies (from one of those layered jars, that I got from Christmas) and made Cinnamon Cookies. The house was a symphony of scents when my hubby came home.

I was in football playoff heaven all day and am eager to watch tonight's game. Tho I am skipping the Ravens game, since I do not like Ray Lewis. Just too puffed up about himself for me. My beloved Denver Broncos are alas not in contention anymore, so I am cheering on my next favorite, the Colts. Sounds fitting doesn't it.....LOL Glad to see the Jets made it in, loving that new quarterback, Sanchez. He's a talent!

Today's main project? To finally get my storage area organized and cleaned out. I have a few boxes of misc. to take to Goodwill this week and now that Christmas is officially put away, it is time to fine tune. This time of year is great for purging!

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