Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharing. Shopping. Snowing.

Oh, what a fun day! At first I was just going to stay home and work around the house, but I was rescued by a call from my youngest. Did I want to come to her house for some coffee and some chatting? Sure! And could we add in a trip to Shopko and could she wash her delicates in my new washer? Sure! I gathered up some tablecovers I had been saving for her (nothing like vintage tablecovers to brighten a kitchen) and a pair of pin striped high heels, her Daddy had done for her. Really nice and I could just see her on the dance floor in them. And one of a kind! Once there, she showed me her latest scrap book pages (pretty) and I got to visit with my Grand-cat, Bear, while sipping the most delicious coffee.

Onward to Shop! At Shopko we found an electric blanket and Valentine hearts, both on sale. Which then brought to mind, Valentine shower curtains (Em's latest want/need) and where could we find one? Why Target! Not only did we find a lovely one, but a new pillow for me and some scrapbooking supplies, really cheap. I needed some embroidery floss and some cloth, so Michaels was the next spot. While checking out, we found the cutest inexpensive tote bags for holding my embroidery projects and her scrapbooking supplies. We were so excited about them (only $1.99 each!) that the checkers couldn't help but laugh. After REI for gel for the hubby, we had to pick up some tacos, cause the energy level was dropping and home to eat and play on the computer.

And while this was all happening - it had started to snow! And it is still snowing, and that makes me very happy! As does spending the day with my baby. :)

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FlowerLady said...

Wow, you two had a fun, productive day. Love that picture, really cute and full of love. I'd love to see a picture of those pin striped heels.

Have a nice Sunday.