Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Nice Quiet Night.

Spending it with my sweetie and American Idol. I do not like some of the early shows, so I have my mute button ready at hand....LOL But I like to see some of the good singers that come out of the woodwork. I am always amazed that some people really think they can sing, when they really can't. I don't know how they can go so long with voice lessons, praise by teachers and family members, when they are so obviously without singing talent. I end up feeling so sorry for them and a bit embarrassed. For alot of these people, they really do have their hearts broken.

Made some yummy biscuits tonight and I have to admit, I ate 3 with butter and apricot jam. That was dinner....LOL Visited the library and picked up two new books and unloaded a box of magazines at their "swap" counter. Now I can settle in for the the next two weeks, with a warm throw, lots of tea and good reads!

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E. Charlotte said...

That sounds nice! I need to finish the book I started months ago! I'm not too good at devoting enough time to reading. It would be nice to do on one of these cozy evenings though!