Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Jeep was encased in ice!

Overnight we had freezing rain and the streets were a glaze. Got a call from my boss at 7:00 that the schools wouldn't start for 2 more hours. The buses had to wait for it to get above freezing. So I had an extra hour at home to putter around. Got quite a few chores done, and wrote some in my journal and had another hot cup of tea. I could get used to this! Rumor has it, we may be in for another night of ice. But right now the sun is shining and it is finally 39 degrees. Which means I can finally unhitch the rug that has been frozen to my front step for the past week.....LOL And make it across the lawn to fill the squirrel's feeder. They have been a bit unhappy with me and have voiced their low opinion at my front window. :)


Emily said...

The ice was extreme today! Maybe you can go in late tomorrow too. :) Glad to hear that you have appeased the squirrels! Gotta keep them little guys happy!

FlowerLady said...

Dealing with ice and snow would be tough for me. It sounds like you enjoyed and were productive with your extra hour before work.

That little squirrel is cute.