Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking forward to this evening.

I don't have to cook. It is chicken night! Ever since we moved back home to Montana, Friday nights have become "Double Front take-out chicken with a Movie" night. I love it. Something to look forward to during the week. A night where we jump in the Jeep, drive to our beautiful downtown (in the Christmas season it is especially pretty) pick up the hubbie's fav chicken, (since he was a little kid) and head home via Higgins Ave. On first Friday's it is packed with tons of people all doing the art gallery walk and sipping wine from little plastic cups . Sometimes if we are lucky, we spy our girls and do a lot of honking and waving, much to the chagrin of fellow walkees. We turn down 3rd Street, catching glimpses inside the fantastic bead store, Bathing Beauties and past a unique bakery in town, Bernices. Don't ya just love that name? My Mom's Day cake came from there one year and it was spectacular! Now,as we motor along, we try and remember where the kitty lives. You see, there is this cat who lives on the porch of his owners house (landlord probably said they couldn't have pets) and when it is the dead of winter, the porch is all lit up from the red glow of a heat lamp. Can you believe it? The cat has his own heat source. Now that is a nice set of parents. And I bet he stays pretty cozy too! In the old days we would get children friendy and short movies to eat by, but now that the girls are gone, we usually watch shows we have taped during the week. Such as Two and 1/2 Men, Survivor, and Deadliest Catch. So relaxing. No clean-up. And a great way to kick off the weekend.

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E. Charlotte said...

I hope you had a good chicken night! I miss that stuff. I don't think I've eaten Double Front since I lived with you guys! I'm gonna have to get over there soon. I liked your story about the kitty too! I'm so glad they put a heat lamp out there! :) It would be so hard to move somewhere where you're not allowed to have kitties!