Saturday, January 30, 2010

A lazy day.

I have my tea with honey and lemon by my side. My kitty is in the window, imagining all sorts of creatures are sneaking up on him (by the look in his eyes) and I am just doing the piddly little things that we have to do in order to survive in our world. Like pay the bills, figure the bank statement (this time, before the whole month passes by and the next one shows up!) put away the hubby's clean clothes and do some baking. I have had a craving for Angel Food Cake lately, and today I will satisfy that hunger. This may sound weird, but my favorite part of the cake is when it is cooling off, upside down. And it forms this layer of hard chewy sweet goodness on the bottom. Well, the cake won't sit right with it on (or at least that is what I tell myself), so I take a serrated knife and cut it all off and then proceed to eat it all up! I have an incredible snack and the cake looks like no one has even looked at it, let alone ate the best part. :)
I am feeling alot better but will not push it. I will snuggle down with my new book (and a HUGE slice of that angel cake) and just - be. I have the whole house to myself for a few hours and I am relishing the quietness. No music, no TV, no talking; just peace. I feel my feathers unruffling, and it feels so good.


E. Charlotte said...

Mmmm!I love the hard angel food goo at the bottom! Ha ha! And I like your picture! :) I hope you enjoyed your day and your time alone. I am enjoying a quiet house right now too, and it's great!

Kit said...

Like minds think alike? Feeling alot better and about to watch a movie. Have a great ski day! LYS