Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A L-O-N-G 2 Hour Meeting.

That's what one needs, after a very long and hard day at work, to sit for 2 hours and hear folks crab about little tiny minuscule items that really do not mean anything in the large scope of the world! By the second hour my coffee had worn off, I was fidgeting like a pre-schooler and my stomach was starting to growl. Very audibly. The only saving grace, was seeing and sitting next to, a very dear and old friend. We had a lot of fun rolling our eyes and smacking each other on the leg. All I could think of was, wanting to be home sipping a hot cup of tea and enjoying this cloudy wintery day with a pan of cookies in the oven and my show "Larkrise to Candleford" on the TV. But all is not lost, that is what I will do tonight while the hubby is in Bonner working on his pet project. At least it is hump day, and I do not have any real plans for the rest of the week and I will be able to get over to the library for my latest book. I have been reading the series, Elm Creek Quilters and have on hold, The quilter's kitchen : an Elm Creek Quilts novel with recipes. I am enjoying these homey books and tho I have never quilted, this just may get me going on a project.

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FlowerLady said...

Seeing this colorful picture in your blog notice, made me smile, as this work reminds me of you, your sweet personality and your own artwork. I think I will look up that series of books at our local library. It sounds good to me.

Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady