Thursday, January 28, 2010

I will Survive!

Slowly but surely I am on the mend. I still feel like I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, coat and pair of shoes. But only one more work day to go and then not as much stress to deal with. Ya see, where I work, there are no subs available for nothing. And since I am the big kahuna, it, the one and only; unless I am dead, I really can't take time off. Besides, I do not want someone poking about my kitchen. I know, I know, not really good to work when I am sick, but I really think with all the precautions I take, I won't pass it on. Besides those kids are the probably the ones who gave it to me. It would be poetic justice!

Having a quiet nite on the computer. I do this silly little thing on Facebook called, "Lil Farm" where I get to garden and grow crops and design a farm and everything! It's fun and since I won't be gardening for real for about 4 more months, it keeps my mind off the fact that everything outside my window looks like it is dead. Well tonight, I am not sure what happened but I had harvested a crop of cabbages and all of a sudden it was like I won the lottery! The total amount of money in my "bank" was $216,000 dollars! Not at all what I should have gotten. I went out and refreshed the page and yep, it was still there. Hmmm, what to do. It's not like I can call the programmer up and say, "By the way, you overpaid me for my crops, can I give the money back?" So, I went shopping! I bought a huge house, and kept my smaller abode for a guest cottage, got a pond for my ducks, a tractor for the garden, a patio set, a new cart, fences and some hedges. It was such fun! And I still have $21, 000 left. What a hoot!
Speaking of Facebook. I know alot of people poo poo it. But I am amazed how many folks are on there. And it has been a great way for my family to keep up to date with each other. I just made "friends" with my late brother in laws mother who is in her 90's and who loves to play Wordscraper. I do too. So I set up two games with her, and she is holding her own and is as sharp as a tack. I think it is wonderful that this lady has learned how to do this and I look forward to getting to know her better. To my Facebook buddies out there, Good Night!

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FlowerLady said...

Hope you are soon feeling better Kit. It sounds like you have another life to keep you busy until winter is over and you can get outdoors to play in your real gardens.

Have a great, healing weekend.