Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel Like Poo!

Yep, the germs finally caught up with me (only took 2 years or so) and I am trying to be a good soldier. As my family will tell you, I do not do sick well....LOL I get huggy, and cranky and very whinny. Not my finest moments to be sure. A sore throat and a fever, not too bad. After work I went to the store for fortifications. A can of chicken noodle soup, a bag of apples (a little too late, don't ya think?) a glazed donut and a stinky bagel. Now, not only am I sick, but I smell like garlic. I looked for a new magazine but didn't find anything that spurred my interest. So I will be content with my new read, "Julie & Julia" (which I am enjoying alot!) and my TV. I have a new Masterpiece Theater presentation of "Emma" which looks good. Hubby is out tonight working on his car, so it will be peaceful, but no one will be able to hear my plea for more tissues and cups of tea! .......LOL I will Man Up and take care of it myself, and if I am a good girl, I just may have a slice of Apple Pie (that works the same as an apple a day, doesn't it?) :)


FlowerLady said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather Kit. Being sick is no fun.

Enjoy your down time, and may you soon be well.

Love the artwork.


E. Charlotte said...

You poor thing! You poor, whiney thing! LOL. Just kidding. Sorry you're sick! You never get sick! I hope it passes soon and give me a jingle if you need soup or tissues!