Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got Lunch?

I was looking at the mileage on my Jeep today. 38,000 miles, and it is only 5 years old. Now some of that can be attributed to approx. 2,000 miles each year to go to Oregon, and then of course there is some for doing errands and going to work, but I have figured that the rest of the miles can only be from weekly or sometimes bi-weekly or tri-weekly motoring/lunch trips with my youngest girl. And I love these trips! I pick her up from work, we decide; "will it be Tacos or burgers or maybe even just coffee". We grab our food, and then off we go! Up the Rattlesnake one day (looking for deer or our car chasing dogs), or let's go over to Blue Mountain. How about we tiddle around the University area and see what folks have planted in their gardens. Or over to Target or Shopko for holiday clearance (nice wreath) and we talk and talk and talk. And by the time we get back to her office, we have caught up on each other's lives and vented our vexations, and we feel so glad to have one another. Tis sweet!


E. Charlotte said...

Oh I love it! Wow, that's a ton of miles. And a ton of tacos! I sure love our lunch meetings. I don't know what I'd do without being able to see you so often! :D Love you!!!!

Kit said...

Same here! I have the best of both worlds, I am an empty nester with lots of great time for myself, but then I have my girls right here in town and always ready for a little side trip with the ole Mom. Love you too!