Friday, May 25, 2018

Sipping Coffee

I am one lucky girl and have 5 days off over Memorial Day weekend. I almost feel guilty seeing as how in two weeks I will be retiring. But heck, I'll take the lovely break. The weather has been pure Montana Spring and so pretty. Everything is green and purple. I can't get enough of it. Even running mundane errands is fun when around each new corner is a tree or shrub just screaming, look at me!

I have been working outside in my gardens and getting ready to plant up my pots in the next week or so. I use this time to place my yard art, dig up plants that didn't quite make it thru our winter, and clean my birdbaths. I finally had to dig up my oldest Siberian Iris and wish it farewell. It was way too old and using up prime real estate. I plan to put in more Cone Flowers and Black Eyed Susans and maybe a Daisy. 

I bought my vines yesterday. I have to credit you who plant seeds, but when you live in a Northern climate, it just takes too long. So I get my Morning Glories all ready to go, from a wonderful nursery in town called Caras. They have the prettiest displays in town! I plunk it in it's pot and within a week or two, I have flowers. I also picked up a Susan with a Yellow Eye for my vintage shopping basket. 

So for the next 4 days I will: buy a hanging basket of flowers, visit a wonderful flea market out of town and also celebrate my birthday, watch the Indy 500 while eating bagels and fruit salad and then hang my flag and celebrate the holiday. Lots to do, exciting things that for me mean, Summer is here and fun is to be had. Always, Kit

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vintage sprinklers, Weddings, Horse Racing and Nascar

Yesterday was so filled and fun packed. We were supposed to get rain, but didn't, so our first yard saling trip of the season happened. We hit about 10 of them. Met some funny people, my hubby ended up holding hands with a very old lady whose hands were cold. One lady asked me if I had come earlier in the day (I hadn't) and claimed I had a doppelganger out there. I found a couple of nice finds: a vintage yellow metal sprinkler and a set of porcelain mugs in yellow and brown for my bathroom. I love going to estate sales and being able to go inside the houses to see the layout. Then I come home and declare my home to be the best! :) 

Then I had taped E!'s coverage of the Royal Wedding and spent some time watching all the festivities minus the sound, I just can't stand all the stupid and lame commentary they supply while we are watching the lovely young lady get out of her car. I was so thrilled that during the actual ceremony they shut up and just let us hear what was happening. I am happy for the couple and that everything went off with out a hitch. But I have to say, the standout outfit for me was the Queen's! Oh how I love that color combination of green and purple! She rocked it!

Next up, the Preakness Stakes! I love a good horse race.  I was hoping for Justify just like everyone else in the world. Not that everyone likes him, but that since he won the first race of the Triple Crown they want to see him win the second. And it was a good race, fog and all. Now on this show, they do a great job with the commentary and I love hearing all about the jockeys and the horses and the tradition. But I am curious, what came first, the song Oh Tannenbaum or Maryland my Maryland....LOL

We finished the day with breakfast for dinner and NASCAR. Both were a treat. All in all, a beautiful and fun Saturday. Now today I need to get to work in the yard, and no more TV watching. It is another gorgeous Montana day and I can't wait to get outside in it. :) Always, Kit

I wore my tiara all thru the wedding!....LOL

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bloomsday 2018

Oh my goodness! Today is so gorgeous. It is as close to perfect as I could get. Warm and sunny with a slight breeze. My apple trees are in full knock out, amazing bloom! Yikes, if all the bees do their job, I will have an incredible crop of apples. And my Deer Man up in the mountains will love me. (He feeds his deer all winter long on my crop). I am busy putting out my yard art and getting my yard ready for the season. But first...

Bloomsday, Spokane, Washington. An amazing  running event we have attended for over 30 years now. It is like, "Let's get 45,000 people together and throw a party!" We drive over the day before and stay in the most wonderful hotel, the Davenport Grand. Posh and elegant and right downtown, so once we park the car we can walk to all our favorite stores and restaurants. Once the packets are picked up, we head to the best book shop ever. Aunties! I love to find a comfy chair and read a magazine that I would never buy, $19.99! You have got to be kidding Then there is a couple of stores that are such fun to browse, Boo Radleys and Atticus. I bought a new alarm clock. What is with me and clocks?! We had dinner at Luigi's and it was lovely. We finished the night with drinks on the outdoor veranda of the hotel.


Up early and my runners got ready. I did the 7.4 miles once and that was enough for me. My hubby is a great runner and is in the Second Seed division right behind the Elites. I am married to a fast guy. :P They head out and I pick up coffee and head to the finish area. I love to sit on my bench and people watch. I get such a thrill when I recognize my runner coming toward me. Both did so well and were happy and ready for showers. They both were sporting their new finisher t-shirts. These shirts can only be had if you finish. Very coveted.  We headed home via Red Lobster for lunch, and had a lovely drive thru the mountains. A perfect weekend! Always, Kit

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Feeling "squealy" inside. When I was a little kid, when I was particularly pleased about an event or day, I would get this feeling inside and I would make this noise, that can only be described as a Not loud, no one else could hear it, but it was my happy sound. I have that feeling today. Not only is it Saturday, but it is gorgeous out and my trees are all green and fuzzy. Yay! I got to do my first mowing yesterday and hubby blew all the leaves out of the bushes. It looks good out there. Today I need to weed whack and clean a couple of garden beds out. I have made it easy on myself as I get older. I put mulched leaves on my garden beds each Fall and I just leave them on there all Summer long. By the Fall they are all gone, they have kept out the grass and weeds and gave important natural food to my plants. Win win. We are getting some nice showers starting tomorrow which will really green this place up. Then I will retreat back inside to do some necessary house chores. I don't whine and cry about the weather, cause as my Granny used to say, "you can change a lot of things, but you can't change the weather". Wise woman and a good lesson she taught me. Always, Kit 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

4 Days Off

And it has been lovely! I love it when my school has it's planning days and since the kids are not there, I do not have to be there either. I didn't plan much for the time off, just some leisurely breakfasts and lots of time to relax. And my old cat is loving me for it. :) We watched Emma and The Jane Austen Book Club together.

Springtime has finally decided to come to the Rocky Mountains and we are all loving it. Still a bit too cool for me to work outside, but we did get the outdoor furniture unwrapped. At least the sun is shining and all my trees are budding out. Everyone keeps saying Spring is so late this year, but nope. I checked my journal and it was the same last year. And that is why I do not get my panties in a twist wishing and worrying about when Spring will arrive. It will arrive when she is darn ready to And it is not in March!

So for my last two days of bliss, I will put my wreath on my door and move my picket fence to the front step. Put the finishing touches on my "fake cake" decoration for the kitchen, and wash up all the linens. Then cook up a pot of  Ham and Bean Soup. That will be a good finish to a Sunday. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Car Show!

Now I will have to admit, I am not a big fan of car shows. Hubby loves them, so he usually attends and I do something else. But this year, my love had his newest creation at the Mall and I just had to go and see the unveiling. It has been a year and half since the parts had arrived and all his long hours and hard work were realized in a truly beautiful car. It is a 33 Coupe. A Hot Rod! 

I took our youngest with me and we had a great time looking over all the details, and some of the Steampunk items my husband had on display for sale (why he is wearing his Steampunk hat).

It was quite the draw of the show for sure. 

He had his other car there too. My baby, my love, MY car! The Silver Cobra. I just adore this car and so did everyone else in the Mall. It is so pretty. When you ride around in this car, the world takes a moment and can't take it's eyes off of it. You feel like a

So I have to admit, Em and I had a fun time and we got to heap tons of praise on our guy. Saw a lot of friends in the Mall and even grabbed a bite to eat. He is back at it again today, but I am I am on to something else. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Back to Work

Though I didn't mind too much. Well, maybe the getting up to the alarm clock again. But I have lots of fun memories from my week off to fall back on. I have to be careful, when I have such a great week, it makes me want to hurry time to when I am finally retired. But I have never been one to wish my days away. I want each and every one of them thank ya very much. :)

I started my week off slow, I know a lot of folks who plan to travel or do all their spring cleaning the whole time, but I like to relax and not have anything really planned. From Monday thru Friday my life is totally mapped out and I want to break from that. So I do what ever I feel like at the time. And it's great!

I decided my first Sunday was a perfect day to clean my kitchen and hand wash all my treasured Rooster and Roses dishes. And boy did they need it. They just shine now and seem very happy.

Monday I did have an appointment I had to keep. But this one I did not mind. It was my 5th anniversary checkup after having Uterine Cancer. I have a lovely doctor and she told me I was still clean and we had the biggest hugs. I will still see her once a year, but I should be good to go now. :) I celebrated in the afternoon with my youngest daughter (she likes to see me after my appointments, I think she needs to know, that I am still gonna be around) and later I had my favorite Asian food for dinner. It made for a lovely day.

I have a very old cat. Named Sam. So on Wednesday I gathered him up, and we sat together on the couch while I watched a Netflix series on British Castles. All day long. While it snowed and blew, we were cozy with our blanket and tea. I think he felt he was quite special.

Road trip! To Helena, MT. Just a short 2 hour drive thru the prettiest countryside. With a favorite eatery at the end and a great antique mall. I love just sitting in the car looking at the window as the hubby and I discuss and chat about everything in the world. Lots of laughs. I found a couple of new treasures: a new bear dressed like Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame. A big deal in Montana and a lovely green stool. And hubby found a tall jar full of brass buttons! All so wonderful and they will be used in his Steampunk creations.

Easter was a chilly one here, but we got all dressed up and my youngest girl and I went to church. She looked like walking Springtime in her lovely vintage skirt and I got to wear my special scarf all the way from Paree! My daughter's fella picked it out for me on their trip to France last year. So pretty. We then went to brunch and had such a lovely time. Great food, lots of chatting and I slipped her a special gift. Two new charms for her bracelet, a cross and a sparkly bead. She came back to the house later and we gave her her Easter Basket filled with toys and treats and she brought us each a basket. So sweet and I think I ate the Cinderella gummy high heels in record

In the evening I watched the live show of Jesus Christ Superstar and it was fantastic! I have always loved the music from it and the cast did a wonderful job presenting the show. It left me with a lovely feeling as Easter wound down. And I didn't even mind that that alarm would wake me up the next morn. Well, maybe just a little. :P Always, Kit