Monday, August 18, 2014

California Dreamin' with my Youngest

Long about April, I had a thought. I knew my youngest girl's main squeeze would be leaving shortly for a job in China. Gone for 8 months. Knew that she needed something to keep her mind off the fact. It was also about time for a girl escape for me. Last year had been rough and I wanted to kick my heels up. Or in this case, put some Mickey Ears on. We left for a fun filled week in California on July 21st. It had 4 different aspects to it, so I will have to tell it in sections. Way too many pics to post in one fell swoop! This first post will be all things Disney. We both are Disney Geeks and proud to say it. I love Cinderella, she loves the Little Mermaid. The first ride has got to be Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and the Teacups have to be ridden in the dark. At some point I need to have a Dole Whip, and lunch must be eaten at the Blue Bayou, where you can pretend it is not 100 degrees outside, but a lovely summer evening with twinkly fireflys. You can get your hair done at Studio 365 and sparkle with glitter all day long and then watch Tinkerbell fly through the air and you just know she is real. The place is magic and I will never tire of it. Nor will I tire of watching my daughter enjoy it just as much as I do. Kindred spirits. :) Always, Kit

(clockwise: At the airport eager to get going, on the plane we are wearing our ears and sipping our cocktails, Em surprised me with a Best Friends bracelet for the both of us. Mine came in a Cinderella jewelry box, outside Sleeping Beauty's castle, eating at the Rainforest Cafe, our lovely hotel room.)

(Em enjoying one of many beignets we bought, Em with her hairdo and stylist, Studio 365, my do and my stylist, we got some amazing looks that day which made it fun, Little Mermaid ride, our go to ride when it got too hot outside, the Jungle Cruise.)

(Cars Land Racers, California Screamin', I just love this roller coaster, riding the King Triton Carrousel, Em loving the "cow" tractor, my princess for the day waiting outside the show Aladdin, the Lagoon.)

(teacups in the dark, the Rainforest Cafe, Fantasmic show, my all time favorite, World of Color, water and light show, the castle at night, Blue Bayou for lunch)

(California Screamin', and I sure did. Main Street USA, a Mouse in a Gas House, Tiana meet and greet in New Orleans Square, Em's fav ride, the Grizzly Water Rafts, a happy selfie)

(Such lovely gardens everywhere, rockin' the crown, Cars Land, the Haunted Mansion, Oswalds!, my new hoodie! Yep, I bought this to wear come winter....LOL)

(Feeling happy, a parade, Pirates!, Mickey shaped beignets, the back of the castle as we wait to ride Peter Pan, you gotta love the Dumbo ride.)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

And to continue the themes, A Mickey Mouse Birthday!

My youngest turned 29 today and in keeping with our "birthday trip to Disneyland and places Cally" themes, I chose Mickey Mouse for her. She loved it and it was such fun to decorate and find things to surprise her with. Mickey pails, Mickey hats, Mickey toys and a Mickey cake. This girl loves a few presents and she was surprised with some pretty bangles from Oregon, a Little Mermaid beach towel (for when we hit Huntington Beach), a new lunch box and New Orleans mask from her sis, and a little bit of birthday cash. But the biggest surprise was a gift from her boyfriend (who is currently working in China) of a Barbie doll who is Chinese! She loved it and was so thrilled since he couldn't be here for the event. Lots of tears were shed, happy tears. :) We spent the evening with cake and playing games and chatting. A wonderful birthday for sure. Always, Kit

The birthday girl has arrived!

Silver bracelets from her fav store in Oregon; Bon Jour!

Monday, July 14, 2014

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea!

We are back and with some very lovely memories. Amazing how we go to the same place each year, but the trips are totally different.  I will let my photos tell the story. I will be away for a little bit again, believe it or not, I am off to California! I am taking my youngest for a birthday trip of all things Californian. Disney, Beverly Hills, an Angels game, the beach and the Barnum and Bailey Circus. It should be fun! Always, Kit

Our view, new decor in our comfy bedroom, gourmet kitchen, sunset, guest bath, living room.
Downtown Newport, Cannon Beach corner, me at Cape Foulweather, flowers in Depoe Bay, Uncle Sam in Cannon Beach, hubby at the Lookout.
Glorious sunset, our view to the North, hubby enjoying the sun, my fav coast flower, the coast line, hubby enjoying the hot tub.
Crab pots on the docks on the 4th, sitting out on the boat waiting for the fireworks to start, my yummy go to meal each day, patriotic socks...LOL, Yaquina Bay bridge, my love and I on the Sea Venture.
Downtown Depoe Bay, ship/clock in one of many antique stores we went to, hubby enjoying some root beer, my beach combing shoes, ideas for some stained glass, what I love to do the most on the coast. :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Getting ready...

Every year my hubby and I take a vacation to the Oregon Coast. Well, at least now it is every year. There were a few lean years when we couldn't go. :(  We started out camping in a tent, then on to using an RV with kids in tow, and now we lease a condo, on the edge of the earth, just the two of us. :) It's our haven. Our second home. The way we regroup and recharge and fall in love all over again. So important to do.

When we found this place, we felt like like we had hit the jackpot. It reminds me of the scene in the movie, The Holiday, when Cameron Diaz searches the internet and finds this quaint cottage in England. Bingo! So many things online are not as they seem, and I was skeptical. I even emailed them and asked if the photos were real. They were. When we walked thru that door for the first time, we could not believe it, the place was upscale, beautiful, decorated with nautical art and the view was incredible. High above the sea, from North to South all we could see was the sea. I think we stood there like idiots just grinning. A bottle of wine welcomed us, and we cheered to fate and the sea and to us.

Cameron's Cottage

Our condo!

Now, it has been 10 years. Wow! And we are heading back. And the feeling we get when we unlock that door is always the same. We head out the sliding doors, holding each others hands and we stand there and grin ear to ear. Always, Kit

This way, to happiness. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My first week off is under my belt

And I feel like I have accomplished some things: mowing, trimming, potting, cleaning, pruning, but you might say, what about fun things? Well, those are the fun things! Plus, I am doing some reading and for the summer it is all about old movies. In between time outside I have watched Jane Eyre, Devotion, Dragonwyk, The Night of the Hunter, and taping today is Laura. It always seemed so funny to see the same actors over and over together, but once I understood the meaning of "contract players", it made sense....LOL In regards to reading, I am trying to read authors that I have never tried. How could I have not read an Agatha Christie in 58 years??!! A good friend and my daughter told me to give her a chance and I am on my second book, The Murder at the Vicarage! So far I am finding them entertaining. If not a little maddening, sometime she just has way too many characters and I am having a hard time keeping track of them...LOL

This second week will find me getting ready for our annual trip to the Oregon Coast. I have the totes upstairs and I am marking off my lists. I like to turn the condo into a mini-home away from home, so I take some items from here, for there. It will feel good to get away. Hubby has a hard job and this rests his brain for awhile. We can act like kids and just run rampant and do whatever we want to do. 

 Today is now Saturday. And I am just back from Yard Saling. Oh it was a lovely day! The most exciting thing was one sale where a lady was selling plants and alot of brick a brack, but she had the most impressive gardens filled with yard art. She saw me longingly looking and invited me to take a stroll and enjoy myself and I did! So many nice plants and huge trees and so many garden items displayed so well. I could have spent an afternoon just wandering about. :) Found a few treasures, a vintage picture, a terra cotta pot decorated with tile and a little teapot with cherries all over it! Excellent! Always, Kit

Friday, June 13, 2014

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Well, of course I slept in...LOL That had to be the first thing. Checked my list and according to the weather (which feels very Oregon Coastish today) I decided on the next course of action. It is a great day for planting. I had made another stop at my fav garden center this week for more geraniums and marigolds and wanted to get these babies in their pots. Put the tunes on (I just love my outdoor speakers) and had myself a wonderful time. Moved some pots, did some watering and just stood out there and smiled like a crazy woman! I am one lucky lady. :)

Hubby whipped me up a couple of new birdhouses and I slapped some paint on them and ta da, new yard art. That inspires me to make a new glass birdbath. I am addicted to these. They are such fun to make and they look great in the yard. All the cats in the neighborhood use them for drinking water all summer long. And I don't mind one bit. Click here to see!

Now having a break with some hot coffee and strawberries and the sun is peaking out. :) Later I will meet up with my youngest for lunch and she can tell me all about her recent trip to Seattle. Later gators! Always, Kit

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Headin' Down the Stretch!

Meaning the school year, but also applicable today since the Belmont Stakes just ran.  Oh, how I wanted California Chrome to win. Such a lovely horse, great story of his owners and it has been so long since we have had a Triple Crown Winner. But I still love him. :)


I am in my final week of work. The year flew by in a fun flurry. We had graduation last Thursday and it was wonderful. So hard to see the seniors go, but I am so excited for them. I can't quite believe I have been at this school for 10 years now. Serving up the grub, dispensing some advice and some goofiness along with the Chicken Nuggets. :)

Em and I at the Graduation 2014

So, soon I will have more time to do my gardening. Each weekend I have been trying to keep up with the mowing and trimming and pruning. But I am embarrassed to say, I haven't even gotten my yard art out. Geeze! But in my defense, I wanted to go thru it all and toss out the old, spruce up some items and add some new pieces. Which I hope to do come this weekend. Always, Kit

New garden clock

Plants for this years patio. Color scheme is pink and yellow.
My first African Violet and it is blooming!!! I am soooo proud!
Remember my new gate from last year? Here is the new window insert my hubby made me. Gorgeous!
Latest yard sale finds, each 50 cents!