Friday, December 12, 2014

Such a busy elf!

Wow, I seem to be going at a hundred miles per hour lately and surprisingly, I am having a great time! Things are getting done; the decorating, the events, the shopping.

And I still look up at my calendar and there is time left in the month. Really? It does help that I have parred down some of my obligations from the past and I am super organized. But as things get done, my mind keeps throwing out more surprises I could do, ideas for other decorating, and gifts that would wow someone. 

 Whoa! Where is all this coming from? I feel just like Scrooge when he awakens on Christmas morn and feels giddy as a school boy. :) My only answer is, it's Christmas! And it has filled me with energy, and creativity, and the feeling that anything is possible. 

This weekend I intend to get all my wrapping done, and put the final touches on a surprise I am working on. Can't say what it is, until it is delivered. :) I may do some baking, but only if I feel like it. I have found that our local bakeries make delicious cookies and it leaves me open for doing other things like going to breakfast with my hubby or watching one of my fav Christmas shows. 

 This is my newest must see. Makes me feel all giggly and happy. Off I go, time for the next round! Always, Kit

Monday, December 1, 2014

Time for a little Christmas!

 My turkeys and fall colors have been carefully packed away and the place is a blank slate. Today I start the fun process of turning my eclectic home into Santa's Workshop. Nothing says Christmas to me but lots of red and green and vintage decor. And lots and lots of pretty lights. But first a recap of my latest holiday: awesome time with my family; chatting, eating, laughing and the evening was over way to soon. Then my youngest and I left at 5am and had our Black Friday shopping experience and it was soooo much fun. We did 8 stores in 4 hours, armed with lots of coffee and few snagged donuts. By far, my fav shop was the World Market and we got some nice free swag.

Saturday was our Grizzly's playoff game and I stayed home to watch on TV while my youngest and her Daddy went to the snowy game. We WON! They had a fantastic time with the help of some cocoa and peppermint schnapps and I loved my time alone with the snow. Look at those wonderful faces!

Now we come to Monday and I have it off too! I am one lucky lady. It is very cold and cloudy with little snowflakes blowing around. Perfect. I have my music on, a hot cup of coffee and all my Christmas treasures. And now it is time to arrange them. Oh what fun I shall have! Always, Kit

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Prep Day!

And I love it! I am so lucky that our school district gives us this day off before the holiday. I would like to think it is to help all those bakers and chefs out there scrambling to get everything done, but I think it has more to do with the fact that the University is closed, so all schools are closed. But either way, I love it! Woke early to snow everywhere and I was pleased. I turned on all my little lites, grabbed some tea and just enjoyed. But now I am in work mode and ready to get going. 


The menu each year is always the same, and I think if I changed it, my family would rebel. Tried and true recipes, nothing fancy or elaborate. In fact most of my recipes come right off the can or box and they always come out just right. Years ago, I sent in my box tops (remembering doing that?) and received a recipe booklet of Jello molds and what meats they go with. Who knew?

Every holiday I use this book and it shows. A splotch of lime jello here, cherry there. For Thanksgiving, it is Raspberry Cranberry Mold. And oh, how delich! Whole cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges and Granny Smith apples. When I wanted a better presentation, I sent in more box tops and received the Official Jello Mold kit. And I have now used it for 30 years! For this holiday, it will sport the Heart on top. Of course. :)


When we will be playing games around the table on Thanksgiving night, the snack of choice is Chex Mix. There is just something about it that says, The Holidays! Well, I sent in my box tops again and got this cute tin, with the recipe on the inside of the lid (so I would never lose it). I have changed up this recipe a bit and have switched to using Crispix and less salt, but it is still great. 

And finally, with my vintage glass pie plate and my can of Libby's pumpkin, I will knock out our favorite Pumpkin Pie. My mother used the recipe on the can and made the best pie in the world. So I shall do the same. Why fix what isn't broken?

Well, I better get crackin'!  Have a very Happy Holiday!
 Always, Kit

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Brawl of the Wild

No, not what happens at our house at Thanksgiving....LOL  But a fantastic football game between my beloved U of M Grizzlys and the Montana State Bobcats. A rivalry that goes back 114 years. And this year it was in Missoula! I usually get really nervous at this game but this year the Griz took off and never looked back and it seemed like we were all jumping up and down every few minutes to celebrate a fumble recovery, a touchdown or an interception. 


The place was on fire! I had two coffees, so I was feeling the energy and not the cold. It was about 39 degrees at game time and spitting snow. From the start of the festivities, with a fly over by a huge fire fighting borade plane, the singing of the National Anthem by two local country western singers and the Griz entering the field bearing Montana flags, the place was ready to rumble.

I was texting to a friend in South Dakota throughout the game and she told me my husband and I had been shown on TV! Below is a very blurry pic of us and a selfie I took of us in the first quarter. How cool is that!? 

Well, we pulled it off in the end 34 to 7. The trophy now stays in Missoula and amongst the fire works and the band playing and the team singing, we all celebrated. I felt a little bit sorry for the Bobcats, but not enough to wish they had won. So until next year, Goodbye little kitties. Go Griz! Always, Kit


Sunday, November 16, 2014

With the Onset of Cold Weather

I can't help but think of the upcoming holidays. I've got my lists, my little black book (that holds all my deepest Christmas secrets), my favorite web sites to shop at (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Swish Colony) and my stash area for all the things that are coming in the mail. Even tho I know what will be arriving, I still get so excited when I see an item arrive. It is so hard for me to wait to give it to the person it is intended for. :)


Tonight my youngest and I kick off the holiday season with our annual "Christmas Program". Each year we pick something new and different to celebrate the season. We have seen the Nutcracker, multiple times, A Christmas Carol, in many different versions, the White Christmas Sing-a-long, and various other forms of entertainment. This year's pick is Cirque Dreams Holidaze! It is the National tour and we are lucky that it is coming to our town. I can't wait! This should get even the most cranky folks in town thinking about sugar plums and Christmas trees. Always, Kit


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Foggy and Frosty

A very moody morn. I am hoping it will burn off a bit cause I have some yard work to do. I am mulching leaves and doing the final touches on my gardens for the winter. And I better hurry, our first arctic blast is coming on Tuesday. By then I want to be sitting cozily on my couch with cup of tea in hand and my latest Victoria magazine ready to read.

Back yard is done. Leaves vacuumed up!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving (the Lost Holiday). After the craziness of Halloween and then the upcoming madness of Christmas, I love this lull and quiet. My home returns to the golden brown colors of Fall and I have time to sit and relax and anticipate. Out come my ceramic turkeys, a bunch of plastic bittersweet that I have had for years (vintage fake flowers from an estate sale and I love them!) and groups of cloth pumpkins and sunflowers. 

These two little priceless art objects come out each year. My tribute to children's art. I just love it. Something so fresh and beautiful. These were made (and survived!) by my youngest. 

I leave you with this, my first adventure in folk art painting which led to many years of happily making wooden ornaments. 
Happy Harvest Days! Always, Kit

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Well, another Halloween is in the books. I hurried home from work and set up my table. Lots of skulls and candles and touches of glass scatter. Filled the vintage candy bowl with all our favorite treats and put candles in all the ceramic pumpkins. 

Once hubby got home, we set up our display out front. We do not have a ton of items and we do not do scary or gory. Just cute and fun inflatables, luminaries, and carved pumpkins. The age group we are here to entertain is 8 and younger. The last thing we want to do is make a child cry. Everything seems to glow orange and you can see our house for blocks. We have a lot of families that come every year and they look forward to posing their children in front of the displays for photos.

I like to also keep the inside of the house dark and orangy too. To keep the mood going outside and in. We play Autumn music, and no TV. The last thing I want is a commercial for car insurance to ruin the effect. This way everyone who comes to our door, also sees lit pumpkins inside and lots of festive Halloween items. 

Our daughters came to visit us, and they have dressed up every year since they were born. Halloween is also their favorite holiday and they love to get all creative and come up with unique and handmade costumes. This year my youngest came up with a version of how she thinks the real Snow White would have dressed and my oldest is some kind of creature from a animation series. I am embarrassed to say I can't remember. Geeze! I loved how they both were so proud of their handiwork. Don't they look great?

Such a fun day and night and I am sad to see it over. But I leave you with a favorite video of mine. This one is for Z over at Oldgreymare. She posted the cutest video of the Lennon Sisters. Here is my favorite quartet. Always, Kit
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