Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oregon Time

I am prepping. It is that time of the year again when my thoughts and my body turn toward the West and it hankers for the ocean. I have concluded that I cannot go a year without being at the sea. There is just something about it that soothes me. Inspires me. Makes me more creative.  I feel free and uninhibited. And I can see why all the Flower Children went to San Francisco instead of Des Moines.

We have been going to "The Condo" for 11 years now. No other place will do. From that point high over the rocky cliffs of Oregon, we travel out North and South. Seeing the same places, visiting our old haunts, but each year is different. Always new memories, new treasures, but because we know the area like our second home, there are no stresses or disagreements. The days just flow and each night we head back home to watch the sunset, enjoy a drink and each others company and just relax.

So this week will be filled with packing and getting this home ready for leaving. We are lucky to have our youngest who comes over and uses this place as her vacation home. She takes care of our aging cat, makes sure all my pots are watered and is a presence about the place to ward off evil...LOL  

 It is going to be hot back here inland, but I will not need any A/C, I will have the ocean breezes. And I just may tuck a flower in my hair.  :) Always, Kit

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Vacation!

The school year has ended. I had cleaned, polished, stacked and organized till I was blue in the face. I took one more look around at my now very bland kitchen, turned the key in the lock and I went from being a working girl to being a kept woman....LOL  And I love it! 

A whole summer of such possibilities. I already have a list a mile long, but it is open to many deletions and changes. :) I have to keep an open mind about what I "plan" to do. I had so many plans for my first day off (Friday), I was going to get my hair cut, return a shirt to Old Navy, drop off a library book, maybe go grocery shopping but what happened in actuality was: my youngest called and wanted to take a short road trip to Arlee. She had seen a pic of an item at a yard sale and wanted to buy it. I am always up for a road trip with my girls, so off we went. What happened next was unexpected and shows that life can change in an instant for anyone. 

As we approached Arlee, we could see a car accident had happened up ahead. We slowed, surveyed the scene and my daughter (a part-time EMT) and I decided to stop. It turned out we were the second "responder" on the scene. One cop who happened to be driving by was managing traffic along with passersby, so Em went right to the vehicle and found two teen age girls crying and sore and the vehicle was on it's side with the windows broken out. She amazed me with her calm and steady voice and started taking vitals and giving instructions to the girls. Because Arlee is a small town, their ambulance crew is all volunteer, so it was taking time for them to arrive. And Em was the voice of reason and control until they did. What was also incredible, is that folks starting pulling over and assisting. We had a ex-Army medic, a male nurse, a couple of guys who said they were there to lift heavy stuff if needed. People were directing traffic (4 lane highway) and removing debris from the road. My job was to help console the Mom and Grand-mom who showed up and to try and keep them calm.  I know how I would have been reacting had it been my kid. Not good.

http://www.kpax.com/story/29307910/2-crashes-tie-up-traffic-in-arlee  Click above for video, Em is in purple all the way to the left.

In the end, both girls were loaded into ambulances and taken to Missoula. Em and I did make it to the yard sale and she scored a vintage oil lamp. Later, my daughter called and said, that thru some deducting (when I am trying to calm folks, I babble like a idiot) the friend of the Mom I was taking to, found my daughter on Facebook (thru the yard sale!) and emailed her with the info that both girls are doing just fine and they thanked the both of us for stopping and helping.  That was nice. My daughter was worried about one of the girls. :) So there you have it, what could have been an ordinary day of errand running and such, turned into a day of being good Samaritans and doing what the good Lord would want us all to do. Heck, I can get my hair cut any day. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Having fun!

Oh what a lovely time of the year it is. The weather has been gorgeous (except for the hail storm that hit one evening, nothing too damaged) and in fact this coming week is supposed to be in the 90's! A bit early, but I'll take it. We have been busy. Celebrated my birthday, as my runner hubby says, I am in a new age group! The big 6-0! My theme this year was - get this - Breaking Bad. Yep, we had just finished the series and I was in withdrawal so my daughters whipped me up a party. It was awesome! I even had my age spelled out on top of my cake in bacon! And my family gave me another great present. Since myself and Disneyland are the same age (our Diamond Celebrations) they are sending me there in July with my youngest to celebrate. Remember those commercials? "Kit you just turned 60 years old, where are you going?" And the reply was always, "I'm going to Disneyland!" Well I am. And I couldn't be happier. :)

This weekend has been such fun and full. Yesterday we loaded up again, and off to yard sale. For two hours we buzz around and it is the perfect amount of time (we leave at 10am, no way I am waking up early...LOL) . We aren't really out there to make a killer purchase, just to have fun and if we find something, then that is great. Got myself some treasures again. A fantastic Pottery Barn clock for only a couple of bucks and it works! And as I was leaving a sale I spied this Gas Pump. A child's toy and saw all sorts of potential in my garden, with a new coat of paint. And a lovely green plate which I will use in my next birdbath. 

I love horse racing. I think in an earlier life I must have been a bookie in New York City. Oh, how I love to watch the ponies run. And so of course I was pulled up to the TV to watch the Belmont Stakes and I was hoping along with a million other folks that American Pharoah would take the Triple Crown. By the time the race was over, my cat had left the room (too much screaming for him), my throat was sore, I had knocked over my snack and I was immensely happy. What a beauty! You could just see it in his stride that he had all the confidence to pull it off. Now as a reward he gets to go and make more championship horses. :) 

Well, I am off to finish planting my flowers. I have my tunes on, and my shade hat. The bees have ignored me (thank you bees) and my yard is coming along. Always, Kit

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Weekend

Unheard of in this part of the country is good weather over the Memorial Day weekend. Until this year. I can't believe it. The weekend where virtually everyone goes camping (and I always thought they were crazy!) and this year, it would have been a good idea. :) Not for me tho, I prefer to use my time in the yard and enjoying other diversions. On Saturday we drove to St. Regis for the annual Flea Market. Gorgeous drive and the place was packed with people and full booths of possible treasures. I found two and a very yummy sno cone. A wonderful grass green boat and a tumbler in Vernonware (one of my patterns) that had been used as a pen holder and was only 75 cents. Gathered a few great ideas for future projects and was home by mid afternoon to work outside. 

Sunday dawned lovely and warm and I was off to the Good Food Store for bagels and organic cream cheese. I hadn't even had my coffee and hoped I wouldn't run into anyone. Of course I did. And I hope I didn't sound too stupid or did they notice I was wearing a plaid pair of shorts and a shirt in a different plaid?  But I was in a hurry. Why? Cause the start of the Indianapolis 500 was going to be starting and I didn't want to miss even one tiny bit. I just love it and watch till the very end. Way to go Juan Pablo!

Today I was up early, sipping my coffee and eating bagels at my computer. From here I can hear my fountains and smell the roses that have starting to bloom. And the birds are just having such a great time out there, I am afraid they will all have sore throats by evening. Hubby is out for a run, my flag is hung and we have no big plans for the day. Just to enjoy it. Happy Memorial Day. Always, Kit

Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Sales of the Season

It threatened to be a bit rainy but we loaded up the car with the car basket filled with the items we would need. GPS, a bottle of water, my old beat up leather change purse filled with quarters, the newspaper and pen. The first yard sale to hit, is a favorite house of mine. They have gardens similar to mine (filled with not only plants but treasures!) and they have an annual sale. I just love wandering their yard seeing what they have done now. The owners are fun to chat with and it is like greeting old friends. I found a lovely stamped aluminum plate and a chrome boat horn. 

There were alot of estate sales to visit and they are bittersweet to me. I always feel a little funny pawing through the person's items. But I try to find something that will live on in my house or gardens and I say a little quiet, "Thank you". In one I found a lovely red punch bowl that will become one of my new birdbaths. I think they would like that. :) 

At one of the sales the man kept chatting and chatting and couldn't believe that certain items were not selling. I could have told him, his prices were too high. No wonder he had all this stuff left at Noon. And he was so surprised when I reached over and bought a perfect vintage plastic wreath for only 25 cents. He thought it was worthless. Not to me, I drive all over town at Christmas with one of these on my Jeep. And only a quarter. Score!

Coffee and cookies were bought, a quick drive thru the University area was needed. It was graduation day and I love seeing the students in their caps and gowns and all the family members beaming with pride. As we headed home, one more sale beckoned and it was a hit! I found a lovely pillow (like I need any more, my hubby exclaimed!) an old Monopoly game (we love the old game pieces) and a child's old chicken pecking toy. But what was so funny about finding this toy, was my hubby was recently commissioned to make a life size one for a man who wanted it for his display at County Fairs. Small world. Always, Kit

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bloomsday 2015

For 25 years now, we have attended this huge event in Spokane, Washington. 21 years with our girls. It is a favorite weekend of mine. As my girls got older and more independent, this was a chance to have them all to myself for 2 days. :) We have our traditional places we go, we love wandering the park and I love it when we are all settled in our hotel room and we all are reading, or watching TV or sharing something on the internet and it is like the years have fallen away, and my girls are still with me in our home. I can pretend for just a little while that they never grew up.  :) Always, Kit

A giant balloon shoe, packet pickup for our runners.
Shopping and being goofy: that bathing suit is sure me....LOL, Dinner at the Olive Garden, book shopping at Auntie's, Fun items at the Boo Radley's Shop.
The whole slam damn family, my runners heading to the start, victorious with their finisher t-shirts.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What I am loving right now

A cool and rainy green day. Oh the green, so much lovely green! And oh how my plants and trees are happy. Which in turn makes me happy. After all it is my favorite color. I have been able to work outside with some mild days and do some pruning. Now my trees are back in control and I like my "lollypop" trees (that is what my arborist calls my them)...LOL My apple trees have begun to blossom and with tomorrows expected sun, my trees will be humming. I like to think that the bees are making honey from my trees. And somewhere someone is spreading it on their toast and saying, "this tastes like apple honey!". :)

My favorite flower in the spring are Forget - Me - Nots. I have them everywhere. They come up volunteer in all my beds and even creeping across my lawn. They will go on for weeks and with no effort on my part. Now that is my kind of flower.

A picnic dinner. For some reason I am in the mood for BBQ ribs! That came out of the blue. So today I making some of my Noodle Salad, my Oven Baked Ribs and I think I will serve some pickles and olives too.

I have re-discovered the Civil War. I read a book (oh it was horrible) but it piqued my interest after I realized I really had no clue what went down. Even tho I had taken a trip with my eldest to Gettysburg and areas East about 8 years ago. On Netflix I found, Ken Burns, The Civil War and it is wonderful. So much info, the photos! And the stories are amazing. I have to admit my dreams have been rather disturbing and I think my hubby is going to unplug my TV when he finds me humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic again, again, and again. But it is so worth it. I feel like I have learned so much more than my old elementary class ever taught me.

I am hanging a picture I found for pennies at a yard sale last year. Had it stored and forgot about it. But that worked out, cause now I have a place to hang it. It is an embroidered sampler of the child's prayer, "Now I lay me Down to Sleep". As a stitcher myself, I appreciate any pieces I find and love to give them a good home. I always wonder, who created it?

 Well, there you have it. Almost time for my Sunday break. Hubby comes home from his visit with his buddies, bearing hot coffee and pastry and we watch some Nascar or Indy racing for a bit. I love my Sunday afternoons. Always, Kit