Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Sales of the Season

It threatened to be a bit rainy but we loaded up the car with the car basket filled with the items we would need. GPS, a bottle of water, my old beat up leather change purse filled with quarters, the newspaper and pen. The first yard sale to hit, is a favorite house of mine. They have gardens similar to mine (filled with not only plants but treasures!) and they have an annual sale. I just love wandering their yard seeing what they have done now. The owners are fun to chat with and it is like greeting old friends. I found a lovely stamped aluminum plate and a chrome boat horn. 

There were alot of estate sales to visit and they are bittersweet to me. I always feel a little funny pawing through the person's items. But I try to find something that will live on in my house or gardens and I say a little quiet, "Thank you". In one I found a lovely red punch bowl that will become one of my new birdbaths. I think they would like that. :) 

At one of the sales the man kept chatting and chatting and couldn't believe that certain items were not selling. I could have told him, his prices were too high. No wonder he had all this stuff left at Noon. And he was so surprised when I reached over and bought a perfect vintage plastic wreath for only 25 cents. He thought it was worthless. Not to me, I drive all over town at Christmas with one of these on my Jeep. And only a quarter. Score!

Coffee and cookies were bought, a quick drive thru the University area was needed. It was graduation day and I love seeing the students in their caps and gowns and all the family members beaming with pride. As we headed home, one more sale beckoned and it was a hit! I found a lovely pillow (like I need any more, my hubby exclaimed!) an old Monopoly game (we love the old game pieces) and a child's old chicken pecking toy. But what was so funny about finding this toy, was my hubby was recently commissioned to make a life size one for a man who wanted it for his display at County Fairs. Small world. Always, Kit

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bloomsday 2015

For 25 years now, we have attended this huge event in Spokane, Washington. 21 years with our girls. It is a favorite weekend of mine. As my girls got older and more independent, this was a chance to have them all to myself for 2 days. :) We have our traditional places we go, we love wandering the park and I love it when we are all settled in our hotel room and we all are reading, or watching TV or sharing something on the internet and it is like the years have fallen away, and my girls are still with me in our home. I can pretend for just a little while that they never grew up.  :) Always, Kit

A giant balloon shoe, packet pickup for our runners.
Shopping and being goofy: that bathing suit is sure me....LOL, Dinner at the Olive Garden, book shopping at Auntie's, Fun items at the Boo Radley's Shop.
The whole slam damn family, my runners heading to the start, victorious with their finisher t-shirts.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What I am loving right now

A cool and rainy green day. Oh the green, so much lovely green! And oh how my plants and trees are happy. Which in turn makes me happy. After all it is my favorite color. I have been able to work outside with some mild days and do some pruning. Now my trees are back in control and I like my "lollypop" trees (that is what my arborist calls my them)...LOL My apple trees have begun to blossom and with tomorrows expected sun, my trees will be humming. I like to think that the bees are making honey from my trees. And somewhere someone is spreading it on their toast and saying, "this tastes like apple honey!". :)

My favorite flower in the spring are Forget - Me - Nots. I have them everywhere. They come up volunteer in all my beds and even creeping across my lawn. They will go on for weeks and with no effort on my part. Now that is my kind of flower.

A picnic dinner. For some reason I am in the mood for BBQ ribs! That came out of the blue. So today I making some of my Noodle Salad, my Oven Baked Ribs and I think I will serve some pickles and olives too.

I have re-discovered the Civil War. I read a book (oh it was horrible) but it piqued my interest after I realized I really had no clue what went down. Even tho I had taken a trip with my eldest to Gettysburg and areas East about 8 years ago. On Netflix I found, Ken Burns, The Civil War and it is wonderful. So much info, the photos! And the stories are amazing. I have to admit my dreams have been rather disturbing and I think my hubby is going to unplug my TV when he finds me humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic again, again, and again. But it is so worth it. I feel like I have learned so much more than my old elementary class ever taught me.

I am hanging a picture I found for pennies at a yard sale last year. Had it stored and forgot about it. But that worked out, cause now I have a place to hang it. It is an embroidered sampler of the child's prayer, "Now I lay me Down to Sleep". As a stitcher myself, I appreciate any pieces I find and love to give them a good home. I always wonder, who created it?

 Well, there you have it. Almost time for my Sunday break. Hubby comes home from his visit with his buddies, bearing hot coffee and pastry and we watch some Nascar or Indy racing for a bit. I love my Sunday afternoons. Always, Kit

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Clean-up

I have officially started my yard work fun for the year. I am amazed at the turn our weather has taken. Days filled with sun, with temps in the high 60's. My allergies can attest to the trees bursting out in buds and the grass beginning to grow. Dandelions are in abundance, and I am already shushing lost wasps out of my garden shed. :) 

Holly Hobbie!
Hubby bought me a new leaf blower and I blew leaves out of my bushes to my hearts content. So satisfying. Fired up the mower ("starts on one pull", says the manufacture) and it did! The front is looking good. Today the back yard is my project. Mowing, and trimming. And cleaning and fussing. Once I get that done, out will come the yard art. 

Holly Hobbie
I love my pretty things about me. I can't seem to stop collecting items to hang on my fence or prop up in my beds. And every time I read a blog, I get another great idea I have to act on.Well, off I go. Break is over and it is time to get moving. Always, Kit

Saturday, April 11, 2015

An April-y Day

No matter what that Groundhog said in February, Spring has come early to Montana. We still may get a stray snow storm, that is a given in this type of country, but Spring is here in all her glory. The trees about town are budding out. Everywhere you look, you can make out a light green fuzziness. Usually this doesn't happen until the beginning of May and I like it! About this time of year, I am starved for green. With the sprinkles today and current warmth, everything should really begin to pop.

We had a lovely holiday. Kept simple and fun. My youngest and I go to church, all dressed up in our Easter finery. I love to see the children who come all dressed up in their Easter best, and the elderly ladies and gents in large brooches and lavender suits. I told my Em, when I am that age, I want to wear a pastel suit. We sang, and prayed and took communion. When we got back to our pew, someone had left an Easter egg with 2 kisses on Em's seat. :)

The girls arrived later in the day and the baskets were brought out and exclaims were made. My hubby mentioned later, he loves to watch their faces upon reveal, because the look is always the same. Whether they are toddlers or in their 30's, they are soooo excited!

Dinner was wonderful! And easy. Which makes it even more wonderful...LOL Roasted chicken and sides. And I was quite proud of myself, I even baked my own cupcakes. Everyone helps get it on the table and helps with clean-up, so old Mom doesn't collapse. The night was spent playing games and chatting and I laughed so hard my insides hurt. I cherish these times, since with busy lives they are not as often as we would like.

We took our group photo featuring the great sunglasses that the girls had tucked into our homemade baskets (see above) and the evening ended with lots of kisses and hugs. What a perfect Easter! Always, Kit

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

So how is everyone doing with their preps? I have seen some great ideas in my friends blogs. Wow, how creative you all are! And I love all the celebrations all over the world that are happening because of Easter. :)

 My preps are getting there. So how did I do with my Spring Break list you ask? I did pretty good, I must say. All medical completed, and I was able to have my new toilet installed though that almost didn't happen this week. I have to be grateful that someones dish washer came in scratched (I feel bad for them) and they bumped me up. Instead of running to Idaho, we ran to Helena, Mt and had a lovely time. Ran into quite the snow squall going over the pass and followed a snow plow down the other side. When we returned home, the road was dry and the sun was shining. That is mountain weather for you. Got my egg tree done, and today I am off to work for only a little bit and I get to see my youngest. So all in all a very nice break. And oh, the other people got their dishwasher and had it installed on Wednesday. Yay!

So, later today I will have the house to myself and will start cooking for tomorrow. For a person who really doesn't like to cook on a daily basis, I love to do it on a holiday. I will put the finishing touches on my filing system. I am almost done! With the help of watching movies using my new Firestick system (Mona Lisa Smile, Enchanted April and Mrs. Brown) I was able to totally redo the whole cabinet. And we got our taxes done too! I feel very accomplished. :) 

Off I go, have a wonderful Easter. Enjoy your families and friends and don't eat too much candy. Oooo, I just remembered I need to find an outfit for church tomorrow. I better skedaddle. Always, Kit

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Well, I could make up a story about being in Ft. Lauderdale where I am partying hard and running amok on the beach, but I don't think I could carry it off...LOL  My days of running amok are over I am afraid. But I have a good time in my own way. My idea of a fun day (Saturday) is going out to lunch with my oldest girl where we chatted and laughed and enjoyed the Club. My fruit salad was yummy and the coffee hot. We ran to Best Buy where my girl (who is savvy in all things electronic) picked out a Amazon Firestick to stream TV in my craft room. And later hubby installed it and it is great! I didn't want to have to deal with cable and really, what is on TV is pretty horrible anyway. Not all but most. So now I can find a movie or a show and not deal with commercials or nasty reality TV.

So for Spring Break what am I doing? Here is the list I have right now:
  • Day #1  Sleep in! Lunch out. Firestick. Watch the movie, Whiplash (JK Simmons is an old friend from my days doing musicals) Laundry, lots of laundry.
  • Day #2  Sleep in! Headache from too much wine last night. Movie was great, JK was scary! Drink lots of coffee. Do small chores. Enjoy sun in garden. Watch Nascar with pastries and more coffee. Clean and organize the filing cabinet. Look for tax stuff. Yep, didn't do them yet.
  • Day #3  Can't sleep in. :( Have to go and have my annual labs done at the hospital. I don't mind, it means I can have my yearly splurge at McDonald's afterward. Hopefully the installer for my new commode, will call and tell me he can install on Wed. Some Easter shopping is in order at the World Market. 
  • Day #4  Sleep in, sort of. Oh this day will be fun. I get to get my annual Mammogram. I always figure my visit gives the lab techs a lot to talk about later....LOL  My ladies are big! But they are mine and they are healthy and that is all that matters. Some grocery shopping for Easter dinner. Have to decorate the house for Easter.
  • Day #5  Probably woken very early by the installer. Hoping it goes well with no glitches (dry rot? broken tiles? Won't fit?) Can I hold it until he gets done? Or do I have to use the creepy toilet in the basement by the sewer pipe? Ewwww. Will have to keep busy in the house. Probably playing games on the computer and not drinking anything. 
  • Day #6  Can't sleep in.  Run off to Couer d' Alene, Idaho with hubby to antique shop. More like sitting in the car for 7 hours looking out the window and 2 hours shopping. But I like both and it helps with cabin fever. Plus I usually find some quirky item, I just have to have. 
  • Day#7  Definitely sleeping in. Tie up all the loose ends that I didn't get to. Hopefully see youngest daughter who is just back from San Francisco. Do egg tree in yard. Chicken and Survivor night.
  • Day #8  Will wake pretty early, since I am all rested up. Have to run into work to thaw frozen items and decorate for Easter for the students. Lots of bunnies. Prepare food for Easter Sunday. Finish baskets for girls. Yep, they still get an Easter Basket and always will. Will watch Fury and not drink any wine!
  • Day #9  Up and running! It is Easter Sunday. Lots to do. Hope the weather is great. Family will get together late afternoon. Yummy food, baskets, and games. Maybe an egg hunt if the weather behaves. All of us together is all I need. :) Always, Kit