Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Getting Closer!

Next week. My wonderful break from work and the Holiday! I think Thanksgiving is so under rated. It has everything I need to make a perfect holiday. 6 days off, Calm (at least at my house), Fall colors, a Parade, lots of great food, a wonderful shopping experience with my youngest (followed by the best holiday nap ever!), the college playoffs begin and I get to start decorating for Christmas on the last day. Yay!

 I have all my fixins' bought, and I am now in house cleaning mode. Even tho it is just the 4 of us. I call us the Core Four. It has to be sparkling around here. Next I will fix up a special take home gift for my girls. Make sure my linens are pressed and ready and re-think the centerpiece of the table.

Come Wednesday, I will happily be in cooking and baking mode. I can hope for some snow, but just a little. My oldest is on a business trip and I do not want her snowbound in someplace other than home on the big day. She is in Kansas right now and should be here for dinner on Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed!

There is nothing I love more than spending the evening with my family. The talk flows well as do the laughs and we eat till we can eat no more (and yet we still nibble). The games are fun and it brings out the creativeness of all and goofiness too! We sip our cider and beer and read the ads and plan what stores we will shop at come 5:30 Friday morn, (this is the only shopping allowed on Thanksgiving) and part way too early for all of us. But first, a goofy selfie amongst the mess of a well used kitchen. :) Always, Kit

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh November, how I love you!

Ahhh, this month to me is pure bliss. The crazy fun of October is past, the hectic and busy December is yet to come, but for now, I have calm, collected and relaxing November. We still have some color to our trees but most of my leaf duties are over. The air smells like camping and it is so nice and cool. I am even in long pants today! Lots of cups of tea are drunk and I even roasted a chicken the other day. I feel very domestic. My hubby is wondering who this new lady is. I tell him, I can play Little House on the Prairie a little bit easier when it is not 98 degrees and I am not constantly outside watering and tending to my gardens. :) 

 I spent last week decorating for Thanksgiving and saying hello to all my glass turkeys. I have a huge collection now and I have to blame Martha Stewart. I remember when I first discovered her and she was planning her Thanksgiving and all along this stretch of table, were these lovely and incredible ceramic turkeys. I was sold! So I started looking, and I have been lucky to find quite a few at yard sales and antique stores. The one below is a salt cellar with a pepper shaker in the top. 

 Pretty soon my notes for the holidays will come out and I will start making my shopping lists. But for now, I am content to curl up, read my latest Country Living and just chill. Always, Kit

Saturday, October 31, 2015


It's here! I am loving it on a Saturday this year. No rushing around. Got to sleep in, enjoy my cup of coffee and listen to the rain. Yep, it is raining, supposed to all day. But I have hopes of it lifting a bit for my trick or treaters. Listening to some of my fav Halloween music. Take a listen to this one:  The Pumpkin Waltz

 Hubby and I will set up our display in the front yard, I will arrange my table in all it's orange and spooky glory and even fit in time to watch our Griz football team on TV. I put out an invite to any live wandering souls to stop by and say Hi tonight. It will be fun. I love the kids who show up every year and exclaim about everything and pose for pics. That makes me smile. Our home is in someone elses memories. :) Later after we take everything down, we will have a drink and talk about Halloween's past with our girls, all the costumes and all the fun! Happy Halloween!  Always, Kit


Monday, October 26, 2015

Back home!

Yep, I have been away again. Had a wonderful trip with my oldest girl. We decided to visit New Mexico for 4 days, since I had the time off. Both of us are HUGE Breaking Bad fans and we decided to take a tour of all the sites used in the series. Since she had been there before, she had a detailed list and map. Once we picked up our car, we were on our way. We started with Los Pollos Hermonos and ended with The Dog House. All in all about 25 sites. It was a blast! And so unreal to stand outside Walt's house or the Car Wash and think back to the show. I felt like such a groupie! At one point while we were outside Jesse's house, a group of German tourists showed up and were excitedly pointing and talking. We were all "one" with our love for Breaking Bad. :)

( Los Pollos Hermanos, Walts House, Hanks House, the Car Wash, Janes apartment, the Laundry, Vamonos Pest, Jesse's House, Tuco's Hideout.
In addition to our tour. The first evening, we took advantage of the lovely weather and rode the Sandia Mtn Tram up 10,378 ft to a restaurant at the top. Incredible views of Albuquerque and the sunset. So beautiful and we had a tasty meal too! There is nothing like sipping a beer with your kid as the lights of the city click on below.

One of my favorite sites was at To'hajillee. It is on the Reservation and the countryside is just so darn beautiful. All those lovely red rocks and green scrub. We were the only ones there and it did seem a little spooky considering what happened in the show out there. A walk thru Old Town Albuquerque was a must and it is so cute and very Mexican, we found a great bar to take a break and visited the Candy Lady to partake of a little crystal blue meth (blue rock candy) and some fun role playing....LOL

(restaurant where the Whites meet the Schraders, drug deal, the Rio Grande, the phone Walt calls from in the last episode, the Dam, the site of the first cook, Curious horse, Lydias cafe, the motel where skanky Wendy works her trade.

On our third day we diverted from our tour and headed to Santa Fe. I had always heard it is so lovely and filled with art and history. I just loved all the terracotta looking adobe homes and Old Town Santa Fe is just wonderful. Our first stop was the oldest church and house in the United States. Lunch at La Plazuela followed next where I had a tasty salad and melon soup and my daughter was in heaven with her Chilies Rellenos. We wandered the shops and we found 2 lovely pairs of turquoise earrings, to remember our stay in this incredible place.

Then off to the Georgia O' Keefe Museum. Such beautiful pieces of art! What a fascinating life this woman had, and it started in middle age! We traveled home via the Turquoise trail, a slower road, and quite pretty. Sipping our coffee and listening to our tunes and we arrived back to Albuquerque as the sun set. A perfect trip! 
Always, Kit

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Recipe for a Saturday

First and most importantly, sleep in! Till a lovely 8:30 and give yourself a good stretch. Hubby is out for his morning run but brought the paper in, so fill your favorite bowl with cold cereal and slice some strawberries on top, allow yourself a little sprinkle of real sugar. Settle in on the couch and check out what the weather channel is obsessing about. Leaf thru the newspaper mainly to find out when our football game is going to televised and to read Dear Abby.

Now this is my fav time. Hubby has gone to a Cross Country Race at the University with the promise of bringing home sandwiches for lunch. I have my huge cup of coffee and the stickiest cinnamon roll with nuts imaginable. Time to visit my blogs and enjoy some quiet time. From my craft room, I can look out on my backyard and the leaves are fastly falling. My Million Bells has had a resurgence of bloom and color (they love our cooler temps) and it is softly raining. It smells sooooo good!

Later, I will un-decorate the living room. It is still wearing it's green mantle of summer and I am ready to go full out Halloween. For the whole month of October, my home will be orange, purple and black. With all my fav decor. Our Griz football team plays at 2pm in California, so I will be happily in front of my TV. Cheering on my boys and screaming my head off (with a few swear words sprinkled in) and eating that sandwich I was promised. 

I think I may whip up a pot of stew for dinner, with biscuits. The weather is calling for some comfort and homey food. And spend the night with my latest book, the Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book. My latest obsession! This show was cutting edge in the early 60's and the jokes still make me laugh. I am currently streaming the show on Netflix and watching all 5 seasons. Well, off I go. Even though I am relaxing, the laundry still has to be done. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What I am loving right now

It is a gorgeous Sunday here in the mountains. Sunshine, no sign of the horrible forest fire smoke we have had earlier in the month, and it will be warm again. I have been hauling hose today, some folks call me crazy. My hubby has asked me whether or not I would like a sprinkler system and I say no. What? I don't know, there is just something about watering that soothes my soul. It makes me get outside, I wander the beds and trim and putter and it just feels good. 

Today is the start of my Denver Bronco season! I am stoked. I lived in Wheatridge, Co (a suburb of Denver) for 5 years. And once you have lived there, I don't know how you cannot be a Bronco fan. I count the two times we won the Super Bowl with John Elway, up there with the birth of my two daughters...LOL So today, I am making my special chili feed with fixins' and my youngest will be joining my hubby and I for the game today. 

My oldest girl is on a long trip through the country for the business she works for, Aerie Back Country Medicine. She markets to all the university's and speaks about the services they offer. EMT training and training in the wilderness for people wanting to know how to take care of accidents out in the wild. So far she has journeyed down the coast of Oregon, thru California, across to Arizona, to New Mexico and to Texas, then to Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. Along the way, she gets to play too and I love getting the texts and photos of all the places she has visited. I look forward to when she is back home again, but it does my heart good to know she is loving the time she is having on the road. 

Well, off I go. Time to move the hoses and get that chili cooking. Always, Kit

Monday, September 7, 2015

Back Tracking!

It is a lovely Fall-ish morn as I type (about 50 degrees and rainy) but back in August, there was one hot dry day. A day my daughter and I look forward to each year. Chicks and Chaps, a wonderful fundraiser to help in the fight against breast cancer was our destination. We donned our pink, (Em made a sparkly skirt and a matching pocket square for me to wear) and we headed down to the Sunrise Saloon to catch the Chick Wagon to the fairgrounds. Once there, we were given our swag bags filled with treasures, and then ushered to our special party area. We got right into it and got our drinks, bought our silent auction tickets and started to party! It was such a great time and we raised a bunch of bucks for the cause. :) Always, Kit

They had dancing this year! Em taught me the two step and we had a mass dance off!
I won a prize this year! A cherry pie baking basket filled with lots of wonderful items. And Em won horse back riding lessons!
We had a great time at our "rodeo clinic" and then watching the real rodeo!
As the sun set, we always end the day with our ear of corn and we ride the Chick Wagon back to our car.
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