March 22, 1978

March 22, 1978

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Oh It was Grand!

My Spring Break is coming to a close and I have to admit, I am a bit sad. I like having my own time to do what I want and when I want to do it. Also, having a lot of time with my hubby has been lovely. We had lots of chats and ran some errands and we had fun celebrating our anniversary. We went to a lovely steakhouse which has a gorgeous view of the Bitterroot Mountains. I had the steak and lobster and a very yummy sweet potato, it even came with it's very own brown sugar and butter. Nice touch.

Hubby surprised me with a new heart shaped bead for my bracelet and later at home I gave him a mug that said, "You're my lobster!". If you are a Friends show fan, you will know what that refers too. :) And I filled it with a new set of Super Mario Pez for his collection. We had cake and wedding punch later that evening and I even scored a lovely vase of daffodils. So wonderful!

I am slowly making progress in the kitchen. All the top cabinets on the west side have been painted (took 3 coats!) and Hubby and I went looking for the overlay I wanted and I found just the right thing. Believe it or not, it is fluorescent light ceiling panels!

 My vision was for a textured clear finish that would make the doors a bit modern looking. We have only one section done and I am liking the look. It adds just a bit of sheen to the door but is rather subtle. I also found the old chrome knobs that came with the house and they look great all polished up and in place. I will take more pictures as I get more of the kitchen done.

Otherwise, I spent my time reading (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Call of the Wild) and watched some movies (The Little Foxes, The Quiet Man, Florence Foster Jenkins, Arrival and Manchester by the Sea) gave some rooms a good scrubbing, and took my sweet old time getting up in the morning. That felt great! Always, Kit

Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's Here!

David Parise
My Spring Break! Oh my have I been looking forward to this. Thursday at work, I had a chant going at breakfast with the students, we were yelling, "One more day!" It seemed this year we all needed some time off. I am never one to wish my days away, but I was hoping the week would rush by and we would be to Saturday. And here we are! It finally came. :) Isn't this photo a hoot? Tho I am not going to be spending my time pool side, I intend to make it all mine, minus the cigarettes.

I started mine off in the best possible way. Sleeping in till 9:30. Oh what a glory to not hear that alarm going off.  We were all comparing at work as to what we were all going to do on break. I think mine was the most bizarre, I swore to stay in my jammies, not shower, lay around all day and maybe not even brush my teeth. I didn't want to follow any rules anymore! Well, maybe I will brush my  But you get my drift, I want to be free of convention, free of cooking, free of teenagers! At least for a week.

The kitchen is going along pretty well. I finished the green wall and I like it. Hubby finished sanding all the cupboards and I will start them probably Monday. He brought home a handle for the drawers and it wasn't quite right so I am on the hunt. I am hoping to use next week to finish the top sections. I will leave the drawers for the summer. Those will be more labor intensive.

Wednesday is a special day for me and my Hubby. We will celebrate our 39th year of marriage. We were discussing it today and are so astonished it has been that long. Sure doesn't feel it. Life has been an incredible adventure since we met and it continues to be. I can't imagine why I was so lucky.  We will drive out in the country and have a Steak dinner and then home to cake and champagne and some great memories.

Well, it has been a grand day. This was my favorite part. My old Sam Man who is not a cuddler, discovered me on the couch watching The Quiet Man (such a favorite of mine) and crawled right up. Oh so comfy with him purring and letting me pet him. The corn beef and cabbage is cooking and we will watch a movie later. A perfect way to start my vacation and guess what? I am still in my  Always, Kit

Saturday, March 4, 2017

In Like a Lamb

And that was a relief. We have had the winter of all winters, so I figured in keeping with the trend, we would have a super blizzard to mark the start of the month. But no, so now I am worried that we will go out like a lion and I am not going to like that one A lot of our snow has melted and I can finally make it to my garden shed to remove the Christmas wreath. The "ice rink" is gone from the front yard and the cats are able to get to their favorite trees to scratch. Which will save me yelling at them to get away from my couch! So more snow will not be welcome at this time. I think this little guy would

In the Fall, I nest. In the Spring, I redo! How is it, we can go years looking at the same thing over and over and it seems fine and then there is that moment when we look at it, and it seems all wrong. That is my kitchen. Back in it's heyday, it was all color and pattern and very much in the mode of  Mary Englebreit. And I loved it. 

But now, I want something simpler, less cluttered, more modern. So I have taken out all the extra knick knacks, removed the pics from the cabinet fronts, sanded down the walls and cupboards and am ready to paint.

I am keeping the green color (I changed that wall a few years ago) and extending it around the window frame which will be painted white, as will the cupboards. Gone will be the black and white checkerboard and yellow window and black knobs. 

My cupboards were built in 1948 and they are very basic, but I really like that farmhouse utilitarian look. So I think just a new coat of paint and new hardware will suffice. But I am toying with an overlay on the doors. But I am not quite sure what it will be. Maybe something recycled!  I am really excited and can't wait to get it done. Once finished, some of my Roosters and Roses collection will come back to the counters and maybe the curtain, but I will have to see just how I feel. But I do know, it will be a breathe of fresh air. Just what I need after such a long winter. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I'm being lazy

And it feels good. I have had 3 days off and I can't really say I have filled it with important and must-dos. I CAN say, that I have watched a heck of a lot of movies (in honor of the Oscars which I adore) and I am glad I did just that. The Philadelphia Story, Boy's Town, Now Voyager, Rear Window. All brilliant and all worth my time. Add my iced tea, some popcorn and my theater box of Rasinettes and it was perfect. So of course I will watch the Oscars tonight and if I lived in LA, you can bet I would try and be one of the lucky ones who will get to watch the stars come out. :)

The Dancing with the Stars event went wonderfully! My girl danced brilliantly and beautifully and everyone loved her. It was a fun evening for the whole family and I am glad she involved us. I am coming late to being a "Dance Mom" but that is okay with me. Better late then never. A snap of her all done up and looking lovely and ready to dance! Sorry the other pics are a bit blurry and drab but they were taken off the website. It was pretty dark in the theater so I couldn't really take my own.

So that you can see what her dress looked like in real life. It was sooooo pretty! I loved the colors and she shimmered all over the stage. Oh by the way, this wasn't really a "dance" contest but a fundraiser contest, so my daughter did not win. She was up against a doctor and car salesman so they had the most money. But of course in my heart, she was the best up there!

I am off and running. Time to get out of the PJ's and head to the basement. Laundry. How can two people create so much laundry?...LOL  Always, Kit

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentine's and Dancing!

What a nice week. Tiring, (why do holidays do that to me?) but awfully nice. I got a visit from my hubby and youngest daughter at work on Valentines Day. One bearing beautiful flowers (with my fav flower - daisies) and the other had a candy heart and sweet little toy for me. Plus I got lots of kisses and hugs. The best part.

Later we invited our oldest over for dinner, which earned me even more hugs and kisses. She will be leaving on another business trip for 2 months, so they were all the sweeter!

Tonight I have a very special event to go to. It is called Dancing with the Missoula Stars. And my youngest is one of the stars! It is a fundraiser for the Downtown Dance Collective. She was chosen because not only is she a scientist at the University of Montana, but she is the pollen counter for the state of Montana. 

She is paired with a nice gent, who is an instructor at the studio and their dance tonight will be Swing! She has always loved to dance and has taken lessons through the years. Last year she started taking Tap. 

She is so excited and me too! I can't wait to see her come out on that stage with that incredible smile. And I just know she will do great! 

So off I go, I have to get my outfit ready. I have to look extra special for tonight. Because, I am a Dancing with the Missoula Stars contestant's Mom! :) Always, Kit

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow and Rain

I've seen Snow and I've seen Rain. The James Taylor song comes to mind with a few changes. We are still sitting on a foot of snow but now the added rain has added another element, I have a mini lake where my sidewalk used to be. It takes some creative ways to get to my car for But with a few more warmish days, it should slowly start to wind itself to the sewer drain. Let's hope so!

Natural Garland!
 Today, I don't feel like doing too much. I enjoyed sleeping in. I enjoyed my bowl of Cream of Wheat with blueberries. And now I am enjoying playing around on the computer. No hurry. No fuss. I think I will pull out my February decor and do up the living room, or not. I have been loving the calmness of the blues and browns. But I do owe the reds and black, their chance to shine. :) 

All in all, life has just been quiet and lovely. I have time to read, been watching some great movies. The Jungle Book (the new one), The Karate Kid, The Goodbye Girl (incredible!), Notting Hill, and I have one in my queue, Boy's Town. I have never watched it and it is about time, it is a classic. Happy Valentine's Day! Always, Kit

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jog!

Here I am, home again and rested up. Oh, what a wonder California is to a winter locked Montanan. You step off the plane and instantly you shed your coat and start to smile. Even tho we had some issues with flights (lots of delays and we had fog in Missoula so we couldn't fly out for 4 hours!) and didn't get to our hotel till 10:00 (instead of 3) we were happy. Our room was lovely, with a view of the parks. We ran into some sprinkles on only the first day, but we never seemed to get caught in them. We were always inside sipping coffee or riding a ride. And we discovered something, when the day is gray, a lot of folks do not show up. The streets were wide open and the wait times were low. It was lovely! We played and frolicked and walked and walked and And we soaked in that lovely sunshine. It was lovely being together each day, joined at the hip, enjoying that thing that is called Disneyland Geekdom. 

Our first character sighting was good ole Mickey Mouse! And later we ran into Miss Mary Poppins herself. I must say I was very excited for the Kale and Grapefruits hanging in the trees. 

Tomorrow Land is now Star Wars Land, but I don't mind a bit. I love Star Wars! I get a kick out of the Stormtroopers who accost everyone, and folks use the line - "These are not the droids you are looking for." in Hubby met Boba Fett one of his favs (he has a full costume he made by scratch at home) And I was happy to find my new drink container, Chewbacca for my collection. 

The parks are just so pretty! Lots of flowers and birds. Real and topiary. I loved sitting on a bench in front of the castle and eating my Dole Whip and just - being. 

The Shows! We were able to take in Frozen the Musical, Mickey's Magical Map, Beauty and Beast and Tangled (the latter two which are done in skit form) which were incredible. And when I get a little weary, I just head over to the Animation Academy. As you sit on a cushy couch, music fills the room from favorite Disney movies and clips from the films fill the multiple screens that surround the room. You are in a cocoon of Disney and it is just beautiful.

I found not only a delicious cupcake (with real raspberries hidden inside) but a new Mickey Mouse hat. If you look to the very right of it, you can see my homage to the movie, "UP" with my Ellie pin button in Fanta orange. :) 

I make the hubby try on hats and he does the same to  Do you prefer the flyboy or the yeti? There you see my latest popcorn container. I collect these and display them at work, this one I cheerfully carried around the park, beaming like a

Nighttime in the parks is amazing. We were able to watch The World of Color and take in the Electrical Light Parade that is back!  From the first strands of that familiar music (Baroque Hoedown) we were bobbing up and down. The last time we had seen this parade was when we had brought our girls to the park in 1996. 

The day came when we had to leave and it was hard, but I have to admit my feet were sore and I really didn't want to walk We bid Walt a good-bye and swore we would be back next year, God willing. :) Always, Kit
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