Sunday, July 14, 2019

Give me the simple life

One of my favorite songs, and also the way I like to live my days. I am sitting here on a lovely morn rubbing my kitties head. She sounds like a little motor boat and seems so contented. There's such a great feeling to know that this little being is so happy. I could sit here all day with green out my window, her by my side and coffee in my cup.

Overnight we had some major weather come thru. Lots of booming and rain but today it is sunny and going to be warm. A typical summer day. I had to empty the water in my pots but we were lucky and did not get any hail. And today, I won't have to water. My butterfly just went by! I believe he is a Western Swallowtail. He flies across the front window, and back again. His way of saying Hello. I like to think he is one of the descendants from my very first one.

Went yard saling yesterday and tho the pickins' were slim, we had fun. I am always amazed how some folks price everything like an antique store and others give it away. I found a great needlepoint of an owl.  I love others needle work, and for only 25¢!! Kind of makes me sad that all that work was done, and it was sold. But it will have a new life in my bedroom.

On the agenda today, is homey stuff. As the temp climbs and I retreat inside, I think I will bake some cupcakes and whip up some noodle salad. 🎶 "Sounds corny and seedy, but yes, indeedy; Give me the Simple Life!" 🎶 Always, Kit

Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's a Grand Ole Month

A cool and cloudy Sunday. I don't mind at all. A perfect day to switch out my decor inside. For the next two months I will gaze upon all my items nautical. Since I love to collect, and there is no way I can display everything at once, they each get their day in the sun for a limited time. Goodbye Spring! On to summer.

We ended the month of June with the Missoula Marathon. My hubby does the 1/2 marathon and I peddled over to my kids house (they are on the course) to be his aid station. Jules joined me and we had a lovely morning cheering on the runners and sipping our coffees. Steve did great! And tho he is now nursing a sore Achilles, it was worth it. Everyone must stand in front of the Victrola for an official pic. It's the law....lol 

The 4th was a gorgeous day here. I put all my little flags out and prepared for a laid back day. But... My kids usually drive up north to Arlee for their parade, but my oldest couldn't go. My youngest was sad and so I offered to take her. I had 5 minutes to change and off we went! I have never done it and it was so cute and fun. We waved our flags, had candy thrown at us, and just acted silly. We stopped for patriotic coffee and sang American songs all the way home. What a blast!! Later, my kids met up with us to see the big works as the sun set. So pleasant sitting in the high school soccer fields, lots of children running around laughing wearing glow-in- the-dark jewelry, and all of us enjoying a lovely Montana night. Just perfect!

So now I will spend some time doing some much needed pruning. I will go out to lunch with a good friend, and prepare to house sit for my kids as they head out to Comic-Con in San Diego. Look out Grand Kitties, Grandma's coming! Always, Kit

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


And the living is too easy...lol Been home for a week now from our vacation to the coast and I must admit, I am a slug. An Oregon slug...lol I have mowed and potted up some more flowers but I have to say, that is about it. I have finally roused myself to get my vacation pics in order and make up a blog. I hope you enjoy a look at what me and my love do when we are let loose in the state of Oregon!
The condo greeted us looking incredible with a bottle of wine to toast the trip and a visit from the resident seagull. Our first day always includes a trip to Cape Foulweather and Newport. We visit the harbor town and had a lovely lunch at Local Ocean where I got my fresh crab fix!

Off to Cannon Beach, where the flowers are always lovely and abundant. The shops are filled with everything you can imagine. Even my coveted can of pretzels from my home town of Pennsauken, NJ! How in the world did it make it to the West Coast?? Back home, we fill the days whale watching (saw two with their tales high in the air, the first day!) , puzzle making and just gazing out to sea. That is our favorite boat going by, the Sampson!

On to the Newport Bay Aquarium. Where the new show is SeaPunk! What a great exhibit. It features a story fresh out of the likes of Jules Verne, about a stranded diver in a submarine at the bottom of the sea that has to find a way to survive. Intermixed with fish and eels and sea creatures it is a fun time!

Hung out in our local town today of Depoe Bay, The Worlds Smallest Harbor! I love all the little shops full of postcards, shell creatures, and kitsch. I always buy a bag of the best caramel corn ever and we snack on it for days. My favorite lunch spot is Tidal Raves with a view to kill for and the best salad and chowder combo on the coast. Then home to just relax, we do a lot of relaxing. :)

One of my favorite spots to visit is the Marine Gardens. It is a bit hard to get to and that particular day the wind was really blowing and sand blasting my legs. Ouch! But we found little bits of glass, and agates and cobbles. We headed into Lincoln City to do some antique shopping and a visit to my hubby's favorite gallery. Once home a flock of seagulls visited our lawn and we spent a cozy foggy evening by the fire. 

Traveling south, we headed to Florence. This route is lovely and takes us by Sea Lion Caves and Heceta Lighthouse. Once there we visit the shops and had a great lunch of Coconut Shrimp and sourdough bread. We always keep our last day open on the coast, where we visit my most favorite place. Beverly Beach. When my love and I were first married, it was the first campground we came to. And when we had children, we brought them here and they loved it as much as we did. We walk along the beach and gather black cobbles for the kids, and then drive thru the campground and smell the air. Wood smoke and growing things. :) This place brings up so many wonderful memories. May we have many more years of visiting. Too soon it was time to go home, but that was okay, I had my garden and cat waiting for me and I know I will be back again. Always, Kit  

I am linking to Letting Go of the Bay Leaf for Mosaic Monday!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Wonderful Spring!

Well let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was going to have a birthday. Another successful trip around the sun. Well my family made sure I had a wonderful time. It came complete with steak and crab, a yummy dessert, balloons and cards and the four of us together. So that made it just perfect!

It was time to buy my flowers for the summer (always have to wait till the end of the month due to late frosts) In fact, last night it got mighty cold and I thought I would have to cover all my new plants. But it only got down to 38 degrees. Only...lol  So the potting up began and I had a great time. I put on my tunes and the sun cooperated and I was done before long. When I get back from our annual trip, I will buy more plants and round out the yard. And by that time, plants will be on sale!

Another event, made me so proud to be a Montanan. There is this plane here in town, a DC-3. It sat in our air museum for many years in dry dock. Well, some wonderful people took it into their heads to restore it and fly it to Normandy, France for the June 6th D-Day celebration. And they did just that. Miss Montana was fully restored and every time she would fly around town, I would run around outside and watch. Weather caused some delays, but finally, I heard her take off and when I went out front, she took a lap over Missoula and then came around and headed East, down the Hellgate canyon. She was on her way! I cried and prayed. Her voyage took her across the states to Maine, then on to Greenland and Iceland. To Scotland and London. Then more weather challenges but on June 5th, they participated with other DC-3's in a air drop of jumpers from all over the world to re-enact the drop over France. We were lucky to have the wife of one of our pilots do a live feed via phone and were able to watch in real time. Incredible! And of course I cried. On June 6th they were invited to be one of few chosen, to participate in the Presidential Fly Over in Normandy on the beach. Wow! She has become the darling of the skies. To hear the rumble of all those planes and to know one is from right here was awesome. The pilot's wife has been wonderful about including all of us and having live feeds, from the cemetery, the beach, and their house where we had a question and answer session. I have felt the closest I ever have, to this historic event and celebration because of them. I dug out my Dad's dog tags and happily displayed them and thought back over him telling me his stories of WW2 and Normandy. And he always cried. Thank you Dad.

Coming up I am headed out to the coast of Oregon. For my little piece of heaven. A leather chair, a cup of hot coffee, the sound of the sea and my love. Lots of pics will be taken and of course, fun will be had. Always, Kit

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Busy as a...

Bee, of course, and Mother and Gardener and Friend. All different kinds of busy and loving it! We celebrated my oldest kids birthday and Mother's Day together and it was lovely. I love that he chose cherry pie and Cool Whip as his celebrative dessert. We had a great dinner of Mexican food (his favorite are Chili Rellenos) and sat around till late just chatting and telling stories.

Now if you are observant, you may have noticed I have used some different pronouns in relation to my kid. I have chosen the birth of my oldest and Mother's Day to share something on my blog for the first time. And with the permission of my child, I am happy to say my daughter is transgendering into a male. We have known for about a year now and have been going thru the "change" together. We are very happy to see him being the happiest we have seen him in years. Yes, it has been difficult and yes, it has been hard at times. I grieved for 2 weeks when I found out. For the girl I lost and for the pain she must have felt for so long. He has assured us that my hubby and I never made him feel bad. That he had just come to the conclusion of how he felt and who he was in recent years. I did a lot of reading and web searching on what I could do to help him out. Turns out, I was already doing it. Loving him whoever he is! In respect for him, I am now using different pronouns and he has changed his name to Julian. So in the future, when I mention my son, that is who I am referring to. Sometimes I think I should send out "birth announcements" to everyone....lol  Change is not always easy, but when you see a change that makes another human being so happy and at ease, it is a very good thing. 

On the home front, everything is sooooo green! And I love it. I spend a little of each day gardening and planting seeds and tweaking the look of the gardens. Still rather cool, so no coffee on the swing or patio yet. But I can feel it is coming. 

So for now I am busy getting ready for my birthday tomorrow! "Will ya still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64!" I intend to spend it watching the Indy 500 (weather permitting) with my Everything bagel, coffee and fruit salad. Later we will all meet up and I am looking forward to a surf and turf dinner at the Club will all my loves. Just perfect. Happy Memorial Day to All! Always, Kit

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bloomsday 2019

Our wonderful annual trip to Spokane, Washington happened this past weekend. Bloomsday is a 12K or 7.4 mile run through this lovely and hilly city. The thing I like the best about the weekend is that they are usually about 2 weeks ahead of us into springtime and I finally get to see some greenery and blossoming trees. And they did not disappoint me.

This year it was only me, hubby and Em. We had to leave Jilly home due to back surgery recouping. But we texted and sent pics the whole time. The drive over is so lovely and through the prettiest of forests. We take lots of breaks and visit the best Subway Sandwich store in Kellogg, Idaho. Lovely customer service and yummy food.

We stay at a wonderful hotel called the Davenport Grand. It is new and so lovely. And the best thing is that it is close to Riverfront Park, and all the great stores downtown. And once race day comes, the start is just outside our front door. Extra plus, there is a Starbucks in the Lobby. We couldn't resist this photo in the hallway, remind you of a famous scary movie? :)

We head over to the packet pick-up and "shoe fair". My hubby gets to be in Second Seed, which is one step down from the Elites because even though he is almost 70, he is fast!

Once that is done, it is time for some shopping. One of our first stops is Aunties Bookstore. Such a lovely store with so many books, magazines and trinkets. I sat on a bench and read a couple of magazines while the others browsed. At Atticus, I always get the best Italian Soda in the Pacific NorthWest. Boo Radleys was a bit crowded, so I opted to sit on a bench outside and people watch. 

Time for our carbo load dinner at Luigis! It looks like what an Italian restaurant should look like. And of course we ordered pasta!

I was a bit tired out, so I decided to chill in the room afterward, but Hubby and Em went down to the park to see the Falls. And brought me back a beer from the hotel rooftop bar. Ahhh.

Every year my daughter comes up with a costume to wear as she runs. This year she was Rosie the Riveter. She looked so cute! And even got interviewed by the Spokesman-Review newspaper.

Once my runners leave for the start, I go and get my coffee, danish and fruit (the breakfast of champions....lol) And head over to the park. The sun was shining, and I found a bench near the Carousel. There is music playing, lots of people milling around, waiting for their runners, and the sounds of geese landing on the river. Just perfect!

They returned victorious if not a bit sweaty. I got to see the finisher t-shirt and hear their stories of their run. "Did you see the vulture?", "How were the bands along the route?"

Then it is time to leave and head home. That quick it is over. But we extended the fun by a stop at the Valley Mall and lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. During the long drive home, we talk about the run and past trips. Hubby and I have been going for 31 years. We hope to continue the tradition and maybe our oldest can join us in 2020. Always, Kit