Saturday, February 6, 2016


Been a bit of time for sure since I wrote. Life has kept me busy. More to write later about my trip to sunny California and all things Disney (it was awesome!) but for now this weekend is all about the Superbowl! Everyone knows I love football. During the season, you can find me ironing, with football, paying bills, with football, wrapping Christmas presents, with football. So tomorrow is the ultimate event and since my team the DENVER BRONCOS are in it, it is extra special. I am all set with my chili and fixins', chocolate cupcakes and lots of beer on hand. I have my shirt and bling ready to wear and my team items to display. I am going to hope for the best and see Peyton (my Peyton) win the Broncos another title and get one for himself too. :) It should be a fun event and I apologize ahead of time for all the screaming and swearing. :P Always, Kit

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Big Storm Approaching!

I have my hopes up, so they better not disappoint me. Coming from our neighbors to the West and arriving at High Noon. I am soooo excited! I just adore the feeling of being snowed in, well at least for just a little bit. I have all I need to "survive" and have a bunch of things scheduled to do today. 

Saw these online, aren't they gorgeous! Snowstorm in a Jar.
I just love a day where I can check off all those pesky items on my never ending list. My list keeps me from never being bored that is for sure. And when I get to the end of the day and wait for sleep to catch me, I can't help but smile as I think of all the things I have completed. Am I weird? 

So todays big "do" is my bedroom. A thorough dusting, and rearranging of treasures. I want to come up with a new way to display my bracelets (in a past post, I mentioned how I love bracelets and never wear them). Well, I vowed to wear them (I still don't) but I still collect them. I saw a clever idea, using a bottle or vase and they are stacked on! So pretty. I am sure I have something downstairs to use. Already I have changed out my night table. I was using a pie crust table as my nightstand but it had no drawers. So all my "stuff" was out for all to see. Lotion, clock, lamp, back scratcher, scissors, tissues, Nook, notebook, cough drops. Sounds so horrible! So I switched out a piece of furniture and now have 3 drawers. And everything is nicely organized and tucked away from inquiring eyes. Not everyone needs to know I use Vaseline to keep my hands soft....LOL 

Off I go, I see a few flakes out there. Think of me tomorrow when my Denver Broncos play. :D Always, Kit

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Housekeeping on a January day.

Time for a break. So I will grab a cup of tea, and a snickerdoodle cookie (shhh, don't tell) and settle in to watch some football. KC and Houston.  Don't really cares who wins, so I won't get nervous, unlike when I watch my beloved Denver Broncos. Been busy on a lovely January day. Softly snowing and cold. Today's plan involved cleaning of the rec room, which I use as a staging area for Christmas and sprucing up the laundry room where I keep all my houseplants each Dec. Feels great to get that done, a couple loads of laundry are going and the dishes are done. Next up, soaking the beans for soup tomorrow.

Marjolein Bastin
Call me crazy, but I love being domestic. There is something so satisfying about having a clean and lovely home. A fire burning. A great dinner bubbling on the stove and knowing my family is well cared for. When the kids were little, I felt the happiest when I knew my girls were clean, well fed and tucked into their warm beds at night. :)

Norman Rockwell
After all the busyness of the last few months, I relish the next few months for their quietness. I've started watching some old movies that I've never seen. Ordinary People, St. Elmo's Fire,The Goonie's and Midnight Cowboy. I think the reason I never saw these was because I was taking care of little babies in the 80's, or in the latter case, I was 14. I am making up for lost time...LOL It should be fun!
Always, Kit

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve always holds fond memories for me. When the kids were little we had mock cocktails and party favors and ran around clanging pot lids. :) Now the girls get all gussied up and hit downtown with their friends, and hubby and I usually watch a movie to while away the hours till the ball drops (I vow to not be one of those people who go to sleep before it does!!).

But this year, I got us tickets to see the new Star Wars movie. I have tried to stay away from all reviews and comments about it. Didn't even know the story line. I wanted to see it with a fresh eye. 
I will not give away any spoilers, and I did like it. They did a good job, they just didn't go a great job. 

I am spoiled. The very first movie my hubby to be took me to was the very first Star Wars movie. I remember being packed into a theater where there were no empty seats, and from the get go, everyone was so enthralled, you could have heard a piece of popcorn hit the floor. And when the movie ended, we all stood up and cheered and clapped. It was epic, and we knew that movie making had changed. I, like alot of folks did not care for the the last three movies. Casting was horrible and they lost the essence of the first 3. I was hoping this one would take us back to our roots. It did but was very predictable and I can always tell when a scene is good, cause I get a little zing up my neck. No zings. But I am glad to have seen it, and will watch the next 2. Just with not the same excitement I had going into this one. (oh, and by the way, I thought Carrie Fisher looked wonderful!). We had our bottle of bubbly, watched the ball drop and ran out into the very cold snowy night and screamed and watched fireworks. It was lovely! Happy New Year's! Always, Kit

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Christmas

Hard to believe that another Christmas is in the books. I never feel like it flies by, since I enjoy the whole month and I pack alot of stuff into it, but as I take down decorations and pack them away for next year, I shake my head and I realize, it is over. :( I do love my Christmas. I am like a little kid, and I want more surprises and more laughter and more fun! To say that this Christmas was exceptional is an understatement. There was a freedom to celebrate, a feeling of wanting to, in a word, spread joy and it made me feel so light and happy. 

I am really lucky in that I get to have my two daughters here for the holiday. We spend Christmas Eve together, and twice on Christmas Day (for gifts, and then for dinner and game playing). I prepare my Eve buffet and we feast and chat and listen to Christmas music. This year my hubby found these trinket balls (he and his sister had them as children) and he bought them for the girls. That was so much fun to share. And the girls loved them!

My Christmas's with my hubby began 37 years ago. I was in college and since they close the dorms down, I was going to have to move back home, and away from my new love. Not good. But I landed a job, house sitting for a couple for a week. Yay! We spent our first Christmas together in this little house on 5th Street. So this year I made an ornament to celebrate our very first Christmas. We both got a bit teary recounting the time and incredibly, we live only 3 blocks from that house! I pass it every day on my way to work. :)

I couldn't have asked for a more picturesque Christmas with all our snow. It sets the mood. The girls gave us such lovely and thoughtful gifts and they gave us a memory. We love to give each other memory gifts. Sometimes homemade, sometimes something bought in an antique store or something from a person who has passed on. This year, while they shopped a vintage market, they spied two vintage Christmas candle decorations and they remembered our tales of our Christmas in Sheridan, Wyoming. I was pregnant with my oldest and we had decorated our home and we had these two candles on the step and each night my hubby had to run outside and unplug them. For a month, in very very cold temps and snow! No timers back then...LOL As we began to move around with the company they got sold or given away. And now we have them back.We were so thrilled! 

Plus, my oldest daughter made me a wonderful charm bracelet recalling the time we had in New Mexico this year. She designs the charms herself, with her own artwork and using photos. My youngest made me an "Ellie" Adventure Book from our trip to Disneyland, with lots of pics of the two of us. So thoughtful and so wonderful!

So there you have it. A wonderful Christmas as ever there was one! I leave you with the latest Santa in my collection, lovingly carved by my hubby each year. He calls this a New Jersey Santa, a nod to my home state....LOL  I love it! Always, Kit

Monday, December 21, 2015

The week of Christmas!

Finished the season at work and we have a lovely 2 weeks off. I was so blessed and had a visit from my youngest each day and she gave me her version of the 5 days of Christmas. Each day she would visit and give me a little gift. What fun! And the best part, she would hang around and chat while I worked and she would chat with the students and the staff too. They love her. Also, had our annual Christmas Party for my husbands company and that was such a nice evening. A night to dress up and visit with old friends. :) 
A lovely quote block from Cinderella, a gorgeous Pashmina to wrap myself in, look at the wonderful ornament too! Hubby, myself and a good friend at the party.

 Friday was a special day for our family, it being Star Wars Day! When my hubby and I were dating, Star Wars was the very first movie he took me to. Not only was it the best movie ever, but my future husband was the one I got to snuggle with. :) In honor of the day, I made up little surprises for my girls (remember? I told you I would show you) In a little bag, I had a Star Wars ornament, a box of Star Wars jelly beans and $20 to buy a ticket for the movie. On the outside a Star Wars pin to wear proudly. The girls loved them and were so surprised. Hubby got his version too, and scored a Darth Vader ornament. He looks very menacing on my tree right now, and seems to be intimidating the ornaments around him. Stand up to him Tigger!

Saturday, I took a step away from all the preps for the holiday, grabbed my hubby and we went downtown. We had just had a fresh batch of snow (6 inches!) and it was very festive to say the least as we wandered about. First lunch at a great bar/eatery called the Iron Horse. Very hip and very busy, and the best hamburgers and sweet potato fries in town. We sat in the outside atrium where we could watch the snow and scored a table near the fireplace. Perfect. Then up and down Higgins Ave., where we went into virtually every shop there was. Lots of wonderful displays and unusual wares and inside everything smelled like cinnamon. We even ran into Santa who was carrying a boom box and promoting a new radio station in town. I didn't know he did that too!....LOL

Well, today I am off to a luncheon with a good friend, where we will exchange presents and eat wonderful Asian food. A few errands to run and then home to work on a few projects. I get these ideas at the last minute, and want to try my hand at them. Let's see if I can make a go of it. Always, Kit

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Awoke to Snow!

In the wee hours I looked out the window and saw SNOW! And happily slid back into bed, cozy and grinning from ear to toes. Just a small dusting but it made the world look so pretty.

 So I got up early and snapped on all the Christmas lights and enjoyed the morn with just the cats. Hubby has a cold, so he was sleeping in. But I feel a sense of excitement today that comes from a great night of rest and a planned trip to the Antique Mall today. Isn't this a cool looking mall!?

I haven't been in a while and look forward to seeing Vintage Christmas. My favorite kind of decor. My dream is to find one of these big fat Santa's for a reasonable/sold for a lark price, to plunk down in my front yard.

It was such a busy week for getting cards mailed, the rest of the decor up (tho I keep moving things around, till they are just right) and work, the students are getting squirrely early this year. That I didn't plan too much for this weekend, just a little baking, my regular chores and some fun. I only have one more week of work to go before the holidays. And I am so lucky to have the week before Christmas off. Thank you, school district!

 I am of the mind set, to celebrate the whole month and not just yearn for the day, (keeps me sane) and I love to plan little surprises for my girls and hubby and other special people. In the past, it was to keep my children calm before Santa came. And to keep me from constantly hearing, "I can't wait for Christmas!" I find Christmas CD's, or special candy, I make up December survival kits or buy unique ornaments and they all of a sudden appear on a kitchen counter or in a mailbox, or are attached to a door knob. It is what makes the season for me. I love to imagine the surprise and delight the givee feels when finding it. Hopefully, it makes a hectic season a little bit easier to bear. :) I have something very cool planned for the end of this coming week. Shhhh, I will share next weekend. :) Always, Kit