Monday, August 14, 2017

Chicks and Chaps 2017

I just love this event. We didn't go last year (they changed the format and took the element that I loved the most about it, out) ALL WOMEN. At it's inception, it was an event to cheer, support and embrace women with all cancers,. We got together all dressed in pink, ready to ogle cowboys, drink some booze, eat some appetizers and spend money to support the ladies who are fighting the big fight. By the end of the day you have made new friends, did a lot of crying and felt great, knowing you were doing your little part to help. Hugs go a long way with this group. Money helps too. :)

This year to celebrate it's 10th Anniversary, they went back to the original format and my youngest and I signed up immediately. The event did not fail to please. We had such a great time and met so many lovely women. And it gave me, one on one time with my girl. This event always gets to us. It makes us both remember my uterine cancer 4 years ago and how much support and love she gave me. And how grateful we are that I am still cancer free and going strong. High five!

This is how we look at the beginning, before the 94 degree day and the smoke in the air takes it's toll on us (the alcohol didn't help either)

Lots of pretty decor and a lovely spread of finger foods. Wine and Beer and all the pop and water you could want. Later we would get Sub Sandwiches and designer cupcakes, but I was so hot by then I didn't want to take anymore

Em found some new friends and they were instantly BFF's. Great girls! And I found me some cowboys and they were instantly my BFF's.

We then head out into the arena and we attend the Rodeo Workshop. This is where they will attempt to teach us all the ways of the sport. As you can see my hair is now up and in my hat and I am sucking back on the beer like there is no tomorrow.

Em is the first to raise her hand at each station and here she has roped her steer and then snagged a cowboy. He looks happy.

Now I am not sure if she is more enamored with the horse or the cowboy, maybe a little bit of both. Onward to the Bull Riding and they applauded her form and flair. I am sure they do not see this event done in sparkly skirts very often.

Time for a break with my lovely lady and some mingling. Kisses to Chicks and Chaps. We love them!

They had a free photo booth which was a hoot! We kept going back and they kept taking our picture. Before long it was time to say Good-Bye. We could have stayed for the rodeo but I half to admit I was exhausted. And sooooo hot! We had such a great time and they did such a great job with treating us like Fair Royalty. I hope we raised a bunch of bucks and I hope it helps a lot of women.          Always, Kit

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hello from the Western Montana Fair!
Fair week is here in Missoula and it is a huge deal for our town. No matter that the temps are in the 90's and the air is full of smoke from nearby forest fires. Everyone goes to the fair. We run into neighbors, students, past employees, and our very own  Hubby entered 4 items this year in the Reuse and Repurpose category. He loves to take old drills or computer parts or kitchen gadgets and turn them into Ray Guns and Rockets and whatever else he can think of. And the crowd loves it!

There he is with Mike Wazowski! That is one of my bowling balls. The kids got so excited to see Mike. Hmmm, what else can we create for next year?

I love the Home Arts and when I found this Denver Bronco Quilt, I had to do my best impression of the Mile High Salute. Go Broncos!

My favorite part of the fair is the animals. Here, all these young ladies are showing their goats (oops! These guys are sheep! What the heck was I thinking, thanks Lisa!). A few of them had a hard time keeping them in line, and I have to say, I liked those sheep the best!

The cows and chickens are my favorites. Look at that cow's face! I just want to hug him. And this chicken wore her best hat to the fair this

That is the most perfect Zinnia I have ever seen and Hubby could not resist and stopped to smell the Dahlias. 

The Carnival! I love to take a turn or two thru the grounds and look at all the rides. I am past riding carnival rides but I enjoy the excitement they bring to the kids. The lines were long but the kids were still having a great time.Their last hurrah before school starts in 2 weeks.

 Well, when the Fry bread is all eaten it is time to say Good Bye to the Fair. Good Bye. Always, Kit

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Regular Doings

So August has arrived and so has all the hub bub about the eclipse. We should be able to see it fairly well from our town, and I will need to get me some of those glasses to watch with. Anyone else a little nervy about putting all our faith into a cardboard pair of glasses? Loved this pic from the internet. Cracked me up.

I am on a lemonade kick. Hubby and I were yard saling last Saturday and I was getting parched. When here is this little boy sitting at a card table with little cups of lemonade, perfect! What stood out besides the fact that he was totally bored, (and you just knew his Mother made him sit there), was that in the little cups, not only was their ice but slices of lemon and all for only 25 cents! Bingo! He had a sale and it so hit the spot, I had to buy a big jug the next time I went to the groc store. Here are some of my latest yard sale finds. 

Yaquina Head, Oregon

Not sure what I am going to do with this but I loved it!

A nice display case, picket fence and look, a cook bear!
Both my girls are now home and they had such a wonderful time. And I can breathe a sigh of relief. My youngest had the opportunity to go to Paris, France with her guy and left straight from Comic Con and spent a week there. Oh the fun she had, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Disneyland and the Louvre. 

Her love, surprised her with a lock and they put one on the Love Bridge. 
Then my oldest took her time driving home from San Diego and took in the sites of Nevada, and Utah. Enjoying a few hikes into the back country. 

But now I have them near me again and that makes me feel good. I love hearing their stories and seeing all their pictures. We always wanted our girls to have adventures and it looks like we succeeded in instilling that in them. Off I go, time for a little lunch and some lemonade! :) 
Always, Kit

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another birthday!

Yep, it was party time here in the old house. I swear I have the most fun coming up with a theme and running with it. This year's theme was easy. My girls have been able to go to San Diego, to Comic Con for the past 3 years. Not an easy thing to achieve, it seems the tickets are dispensed for purchase by lottery. Lots of tenseness here until they get their tickets. And get them they did! Sooooo, since my youngest girl's birthday is right around this time, I chose Comic Con 2017 to celebrate. 

I hung a banner made out of all the panel celebrities to give her a hint as she walks up to the front door. They never know what their theme is until this moment. Such fun!

Here's the table! Ta da! Lots of yellow and black, pics from past Comic Cons, goodie bags (survival bags for the trip), specialty beer, lots of sparkle and stars! And her favorite treat, White Bar donuts.

Always nuts and mints and a photo of Conan O'Brien, this year they scored tickets to his show on Thursday night. How exciting! 

And we had to include a pic of Elijah Wood. She has met him twice so far and was hoping for another viewing of one of her childhood favorites. (She did get to go to a party where he was DJing and he smiled at her....swoon!)

Hanging from the ceiling, were photos of past costumes that they have worn to the convention. Here she is as Medieval Snow White. 

My lovely birthday girl! Now how did she know to dress in yellow and

My all grown up girl still loves dolls! This one is special. It is a new line from Target and it is a Scientist doll. For my Research Specialist and Chemist at the University. It even came with a volcano set and robot! (I ordered this one special to have the dark hair and eyes and glasses, like my girl)

I think she is quite thrilled with it all. Success! We had a great time together and they left for Comic Con the day after. Road trip! 

Both my girls in their costumes this year. On the left is my oldest as Preacher and my youngest is dressed as Malory from Archer.

Here my youngest is Ursula from the Little Mermaid but with a Victorian twist! Isn't her costume fabulous. All hand made, even the hat and by her! 

Ursula and Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. My lovely ladies! And finally, the Con was over and they were sad and teary, so they headed to the beach, a sure fire way to get their smiles back.

A wonderful trip for my two girls. And I bet they are already thinking of what they will be next year. Always, Kit