Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enchanted April!

Been awhile I know, but I am here! Had to take care of some things in life, get thru Winter's last hiccup and now on to Spring. Yay! It has been nice out, in the 50's and 60's, tho today I am looking at some nasty rain clouds. That is okay, we can always use April Showers. I have just started working in the yard, and am happy to see that most of my plants have made it thru the cold and ice. So exciting to see green buds everywhere. :)  And I have decided that winter is over, cause I unwrapped the patio furniture.

Both my girls were jet setting all over the country. In one week, my youngest was in New York state for work and the other was traveling from Denver, to California, back to Denver and then on to New Mexico! I was sending lots of texts. So nice to keep informed and involved via a nifty invention called a cell phone. Who do I have to thank for this item?? Seriously, what in the world did we do before them?!!

Jilly at Nationals in Copper Mtn and Em in Fishkill, NY
Sped thru Spring Break in an instant. Didn't do much but relax and work around the house. I decided that the bath was due for new lighting and towel bars and switch covers. All in lovely shiny chrome! Looks good. We also decided that waiting for the couch to crawl outside to die under a bush, was not a feasible plan, so we went shopping. Found one that fit the hubby's bum, and will hit a sale tomorrow to make it ours. Nice to check that off.

Now getting ready for Easter. I love it when it is at the end of the month, more Springy! There is something very depressing about searching for eggs in a snow drift. :( So this week, I need to see if I have enough for the baskets, figure the menu and send out my cards. So off I go, time is a wasting.
Always, Kit

Saturday, March 22, 2014

36 years, but who's counting?

Yep, another year has clicked by, and today I am thinking about my wedding. It was so like the two of us. So simple, so much fun and it featured all our favorite friends and family. They all helped pull it together and what came out was a celebration that to this day, folks talk about. Things that stand out to me are:
  • The candles lining the aisle in the dark church
  • Vases full of Pussywillows
  • That my curled hair was finally relaxing
  • The sound of my friends singing before I came down the aisle
  • How nervous I was, as I approached my husband to be
  • The sight of the Northside guys all in suits
  • Hearing, "Wow, that was a short ceremony, I like that!" (lots of Catholic weddings)
  • The little figure of Ernie (from Sesame Street) on the back of my cake
  • Using the special wine glasses Steve had given to me as a gift
  • My husband tearing up on the receiving line
  • Taking over the popular local bar to cheers and greetings
  • Dancing with my new husband :)
  • A fist fight between one of our good friends and a bar patron....LOL 
  • Leaving together and thinking, we are just getting started.
Always, Kit

A friend helping with my flowers
Steve and our best friends brother. I think he is giving him some advice on girls.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

One of the reasons I live in Missoula

We had something happen in town, that has never happened before on that very snowy Friday, an avalanche. Shocking and sad, and incomprehensible. But what happened after, was incredible and why I love living in this little town. Following is a video from one of our most loved reporters here in town. It explains it all. :) Always, Kit  (PS: I should share that of the three people buried in the avalanche, the little boy is just fine, but with the older couple, the man is in the hospital still recouping with many injuries, but sadly his wife died the Sunday after)

Friday, February 28, 2014

It's a Blizzard Auntie Em!

And a snow day! We found out last night that there would be no school, so I was able to sleep in and plan my impromptu day off. Nothing really major, I baked some Cranberry/Orange muffins, did some reading, and enjoyed the sound of the bells on my back porch. Just swinging with the wind. It is still snowing and very cold, but I am snug with my cats (the neighbor cat showed up in my window), a hot fire and coffee. I am house bound but I don't mind at all. There is no other place I would rather be. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What I am loving right now.

Woke early after a great night of sleep. Lots of dreams, it was like I was at the movies all night long, only there wasn't any popcorn. But there were Meatball Subs!....LOL  Amazing how the mind works, right before I went to bed, I told the hubby that bobsledders reminded me of meatballs all tucked up in a bun, and that is what I dreamt of. Go figure.


Very snowy here, and more is coming.. Maybe 12 inches more. Okay by me. I am a true cheerleader for snow. It fits my mood in February. Not so much in late March, but for now, I will brew another cup of tea, grab my latest Oprah and settle in.

The end of the Olympics is here. Boo Hoo. It has been a great companion each day. Tonight is the closing ceremonies and I will think the same thing I think every 4 years. When they come again,  I will be "this amount older" and I will have to remember, "so and so" and see how they are doing. I am always older, but I never remember who the athletes are....LOL 

My favorite skater! Yuna Kim
 Quiet days full of nothing, are a favorite of mine. No plans, no appointments, nothing I really have to do. Plenty of time for that in better weather. I am not a joiner of clubs, I do not feel the urge to go out and shop, or do I need the company of others, at all times. I get plenty of that at work during the week. I am content to sit and think, watch and listen. It makes me happy. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Sup?

Well, for one, I am watching more TV than I ever watch in a whole lifetime! But how can I resist? It is not every day I get to live vicariously thru a speed skater's life. Of all the sports, this is the one I would love to do. Tho I do think those outfits they wear are not near as pretty as the figure skater's. And they would make my butt look big. I am totally in love with the three young men who pulled a USA threesome in Slopestyle skiing. I feel sorry for the Russian figure skater Plushenko who couldn't finish the competition and today I saw a woman from Sweden come from very far behind to win the Women's Cross Country Relay. I sat here and yelled and rang my cow bell and was totally thrilled for her and her team. I am having so much fun!


Some of you have asked what my perpetual calendar looks like. So here is a pict. I clip photos, and cut up old calendars to make the days that mean something to me stand out. Fun to find just the right pict that works. Like on the 7th, I had my second Cancer checkup, so I thought the look on her face was perfect....LOL  (I am still doing fine) On the 15th, is my cat Sam's birthday. And of course, I marked the beginning and ending of the Olympics.

Today we are having a spit of snow and it is perfect coffee cake weather. I am going to just relax and do a few chores and just be. Off I go. My couch has been missing me....LOL Always, Kit

Saturday, February 8, 2014


They're here! And I am ready. To watch all I can, to put life on hold a bit, and to support all the athletes and not only our Americans. Because you just can't help but cheer for the Jamaicans, the tiny little ice skater from Russia, or those older, seasoned Olympians who are returning for their 6th Olympics. Wow! I embrace them all in group hug from the get go. :) I watched the Opening Ceremony and I loved it. Of course, there were a few glitches, but who cares. We are all people after all and we do make boo boos. But you couldn't come away from that event not being awed and proud and amazed at what they were able to do. Didn't you just love that colorful village scene? And all the beautiful ballet and music. And when the USA came up the ramp, I got a lump in my throat and despite the bad press, I think they all looked great in their homemade sweaters. Very Americana! So, for the next 18 days, you know where I will be. Glued to the TV and enjoying every minute of it, win or lose. Always, Kit