Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Summer Olympics

I swear I walk around in a glowing bubble for 17 days. My grin is always there, except when a poo pooer or naysayer does or says something stupid. African American swimmer? Her name is Simone Manuel you ass! But the good outweighs the bad and I am glad everything is going pretty well over there. (minus the green diving pool....LOL)  I just want them all to stay safe. :) Some of my favs.

I am a big fan of women's gymnastics and was very pleased for these two lovely ladies. But what impressed me the most about our team, is that they all seemed to really like one another and were happy for each others success. Gabby was a bit sour at times, (but I do understand she was disappointed not to be in the all around) and people in the world, don't keep ragging on her about not putting her hand on her heart. I too, stand at attention during the anthem myself. 

Michael Phelps. Amazing swimmer, but this is the photo I will remember from the games. Not that he won another gold medal. We knew he would do that. We didn't know he would understand this young man's emotions and give him a hug. I like a humble Michael. 

Miguel Duran Navia, from Spain. This poor gent, who thought he was out of the race. What I wish I had was a picture of the wonderful judges who ruled that his diving into the pool too early was not his fault and that he could return to swim after all. Made my heart swell to think they would give him a second chance. 

Look at that beautiful face! So overcome with winning a gold medal, she can't help but cry. I love to see this emotion and see that her achievement means so much. Way to go Simone!

Oh Figi, look what your guys did! They were so excited to win the first ever gold medal and videos of their country were incredible as the locals all went crazy with joy. I loved this for a country having the same feeling I do when my Denver Broncos win the Superbowl. There ya go, now I am on to watching Track and Field and cheering on a new bunch of athletes. I turn on my Olympic lights every day and settle in to watch the best this world has to offer. Always, Kit

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"What I did on Summer Vacation."

When I started this post, it made me think about the essays we used to have to write on the first day of school. As soon as I hit August, I can't help but think of going back to work on the 25th. But I have plenty of summer days to enjoy before that alarm clock rings. I am finally getting my Oregon pics up to share. What a wonderful time (as usual) and we tried flying this year and I have to admit, it was pretty nice skipping that long and tiring drive. But note to self, do not fly out of Missoula at 6am. Why did I possibly think I would not mind getting up at 4? 

Always nice to find the condo right where we left it. This year we had a little visitor who visited often, and I got to go down at low tide to my favorite beach. And found lots of sea glass and agates. 

Each day we venture out and visit the coastal towns. Newport, Depoe Bay (our home port), Cannon Beach and Florence. This is my most fav meal, awesome chowder and a shrimp salad that is to die for! 

Depoe Bay, kind of kitschy and that is why I love it! We found a new Antique store and I was more interested in the plants outside than what was in the store. Hit the Flea Market and they never fail me, I found some treasures. And look at me, we got the coveted table at the Zebra Bar in Florence and they brought my guy some awesome sliders. 

Cannon Beach is a lovely drive north and the town is known for their flowers and Cape Cod like buildings. I love the top flower (Fireweed) so much, I found some growing wild here in Montana and it now grows in my front gardens. Don't you just love a restaurant that makes little butter balls? 

The Marine Gardens and my favorite beach, Beverly Beach. Where we used to camp. Hubby was lucky and when we went to Florence, he got to take in a car and plane show. And though he did not find Dory, he did find Nemo....LOL 

We always make sure we are back to the condo for the evenings. I make dinner, we pour the wine and are usually found watching the sunsets. But hubby also loves his puzzle and our girls gave us a Lego set to make called the Beach House. :) All too soon it is time to head home, but this year we caught the Griz plane in Portland (as you can see I was so thrilled - that's my football team!) and by nightfall we were back in our home in the mountains. The best of both worlds! Always, Kit
Joining Mosaic Monday, at Normandy Life!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Back Home Again

Been home for a bit, but I've been busy getting the house and gardens back up to snuff. My girls do a wonderful job watching the place and the cats, but once I come home, I love to get outside and start tweaking everything. It felt soooo good!

I will post soon about our Oregon trip but I have to organize my photos. In the meantime, we took a drive in the Cobra last Thursday. I call them "tiddles". I have no idea why, but I do...LOL Now that my hubby is retired we can go any day of the week, so we packed up the snacks and drinks and headed to Bigfork, MT.

click on pic to see larger

It was a perfect day. So much sun and lots of puffy clouds, but not one of the menacing "I am going to rain on your convertible" type. We happily drove along, enjoying the mountains and forests and it smelled incredible. Now if they could put that scent in a candle, I would probably buy one.

Now, Bigfork is on the East side of Flathead Lake. An incredibly beautiful lake. As we wind around heading north, you have the water on the left and forests on the right and cherry orchards on both sides. It is the dream of most to own a lake house, but from the look of all the For Sale signs, I get the impression once Winter hits, they discover it wasn't such a great idea. If I were to win the lottery, this is the house I would buy and live year round. Complete with my very own cherry orchard!

The town is quaint and filled with lots of little stores and restaurants. There were lots of tourists milling about but we were lucky and got an outdoor table for lunch, at the Pocketstone Cafe.

via internet
 We visited the galleries and shops but I always seem to be more enthralled with the flowers.

Amazing color and growth!

This is the Bigfork Inn, back in the old days they used to put shows on inside. I saw JK Simmons perform in Brigadoon. He was wonderful, of course!

Driving home you encounter lots of cherry stands where the orchards sell their cherries and for cheap! I got 2 pounds of cherries for only $3.00. They even supply you with a plastic bag so that you can eat them as you drive home. 

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Going home was a bit warm, but so pretty, I quite forgot that I hadn't reapplied my sunscreen! I had one sore left ear the next day....LOL But so worth it. Happy Travels! Always, Kit

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yep, it is that time again

This girl needs to get her ocean fix. The mermaid in me wants to be where I can see for miles, smell the salty air and hear the gulls. I long for the cool temps and gray sea, and can almost taste the chowder. Ahhh, Oregon time.

We are doing it a bit different this year and instead of driving, we are flying to Oregon. I figured out that between two hotels (and I love the pricey ones) and gas and meals, it came out to be about the same price as flying. And it will help keep the wear and tear on me and the hubby at bay as well as the car. So I have been packing like mad, and can still take with me most of the homey touches that I like for the condo. We will miss seeing this...

but can still jump into our antiquing and enjoy the stretch to the coast, thru the Van Duzer corridor. And be more rested from not driving for two days. I am told I can still shop to my hearts content, but to try and keep the items smaller than usual....LOL Or we will just have to find a UPS store. :)

And then, later that day, we will be enjoying what the coast has to offer. Incredible views, my leather chair with a warm fire and a glass of wine. It doesn't get any better than this, unless you want to play with.....

Legos! (I have a set my girls gave me for this year's trip and it is called the Beach Hut!)

So I bid you good-bye until July and I leave you with my most favorite beach to walk around on. I hope I find some beach glass and agates this year.  :) Always, Kit

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Vacation!

I finished work on Thursday, June 9th. Packed up my kitchen, took my toys and magnets home and bid adieu till the end of August. It feels great! I love now having my own time to do what I want and when I want to. Like sleeping in. No more setting the alarm.  Ahhh, that is such a lovely pleasure. Friday, I slept till 9am and then my hubby took me to breakfast to celebrate.

I celebrated turning 61, at the end of May and my family threw me a Finding Dory party! I am a sucker for anything Disney and my youngest did a great job planning my party. Lots of wonderful and thoughtful gifts and this year I chose my main gift myself. I have wanted to convert my old VHS home movies to DVD for so many years, and have never wanted to send them out. I couldn't bear the thought of them being lost. So we bought me a VHS to DVD dubber! It works great, and I have spent many hours happily revisiting my little ones. Now my memories will be safely on DVD format to last for many years. And I can make copies for my girls. :)

So now, I am looking forward to working in my gardens. I bought my flowers for all my patio pots last week. Youngest and I had a fabulous time at the Pink Grizzly Nursery. So many plants and too many choices....LOL  I am going with pink Geraniums, yellow Marigolds and purple Lobelia. I will have other pots throughout the yard too, with Begonias, Cosmos, Moss Roses, and Impatiens and Zinnias! That will be my happy "chore" tomorrow morning. I put my tunes on (I have outdoor speakers) and start creating my pots. I think that means the start of vacation the most to me. Well, I am off to watch an Indy car race, and eat some chicken. And sit with my feet up and maybe even stay up late. Cause I am on vacation. :) Always, Kit

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May is a busy busy month!

I have been so over run with events and gardening and just life in general, that I haven't had much time to blog. But today, I got a day off from work and I am taking advantage of not having any plans today.  It is by far, my most favorite month of the year. The world just wakes up here in Montana with lots of lilacs, lily of the valley, and my first roses are blooming. It smells so good outside that I can hardly stay indoors. We are having a lovely rainy day today and everything looks so green.

Well, Steve and I went on our annual trip to Spokane, WA for Bloomsday! Usually it is our family outing and we just love it, but this year our girls were in other parts of the country. Our oldest was traveling in Washington D.C for her business, and the youngest was visiting Disneyland with her love for Dapper Day. Steve and I rewound the clock and we pretended that it was just us before we started to take the girls. Tho we missed our girls we had a wonderful time. We have vowed to all meet up next year for Bloomsday!

Riverfront Park, Shoe Expo and Packet Pick up, Aunties Bookstore, the Gondolas over the Falls.

Spokane River, Steve heading toward the finish, the stoop that I have sat on for years, Steve finishing the race!
Mother's Day we all got together and had a lovely meal at Mackenzie River Pizza Co. where they make a sandwich that is to die for. The Willow Creek. But the best part was having us all together again. We shared stories, viewed pictures from all our travels and did a lot of hugging. I received a stained glass window for my outdoor swing. A "bird" planter and a bunch of fuchsias for my urn out front. So lovely!

Steve and Jilly
Em and I

My oldest celebrated her 34th birthday with an indoor picnic. We ordered her favorite Mexican food and for dessert; cherry pie and vanilla ice cream. She was thrilled with her new dress form (she makes costumes for when she and her sis attend Comic Con in San Diego) and a Fitbit.

We've started yard saling for the year and already I have found some treasures. But I think the best part was being able to visit one of the prettiest gardens in town. It was fun to talk to the owners and get some ideas for my own yard. Plus I scored a lovely little candy dish which is in my fav color (green) and is now filled with Bridge Mix. Remember Bridge Mix? Always makes me feel a little like the 60's to have some in a bowl.

Off I go, time to watch a new favorite show. Better Call Saul. Try it, if you liked Breaking Bad, you should love it! Always, Kit

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hubby Retired!

Well, after 40 years in retail, my love and I decided, that that was quite enough. He has provided wonderfully for his wife and children and now it is time for him to be able to sleep in, work on his many projects (clocks, ray guns, new garden structures) and if he feels like doing a few household chores, I won't mind one bit...LOL By the way, I will still be working for another 5 years or so, I am a bit younger. Last week was a bit stressful and tiring but a lot of fun too. We got a wonderful send-off and a great start to our new phase of life. I am really excited! 

This is my handsome guy when he first started at KMart as the Toy Dept Manager. Any wonder I scooped him up as soon as possible? We finally left the corporation, and headed home to Montana in 1988 and he started his next career in hardware. 

He worked hard and steady and became the manager of the biggest store, of the 5 in our "fleet". Never missing a day of work, always working more hours than I liked. But he liked a clear desk at the end of the day. Integrity. 

He arrived at his retirement luncheon up in Nine Pipes (a gorgeous wet lands north of here) in style and with his right hand man riding shotgun. That is Meg, one of the wonderful owners of the stores.

Everyone was there, all the managers and assistant managers and staff of the other stores. It was a great crowd. A video was created and brought tears to everyone's eyes. 

Em and I joined Steve on his last day at his store and said our Good-byes to everyone. Lots of kisses and hugs, and "please don't go's". 

Then on Saturday night, Em and I took him to dinner for steaks and gifts. (my oldest is currently in New England on business) Though we did a little Facetime at dinner. It was fun and he loved everything. We even got a free Montana Mud Pie to celebrate with. Horrible pic, we had already dove in....LOL It was super yummy!


He received lots of cards and gifts and well wishes, and I think it finally dawned on him, what an impact he had made on a lot of people. He was a awesome boss and I know he will be missed.

We are off on our next adventure. A close friend gave this handmade wooden tray and mugs to Steve and told him, "Now you and Kit can sit down and have a cup of coffee together in the mornings." And that is just what we are going to do! Always, Kit